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  • The team demonstrably enjoyed participating in Megan’s strengths based leadership workshop and have benefited greatly from her insight and experience. I highly recommend Megan’s services.

    Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO of BritishAmerican Business

  • Megan is a bright star in the night sky of applied positive psychology - a star by which other practitioners can navigate.

    Neal Mayerson ~ Founder and Chairman of the VIA Institute

  • Megan Dalla-Camina is the voice of now.

    Annalie Killian, Founder and Curator, Amplify Festival.

  • Megan, who manifests a positive, life-enhancing style of leadership in her own work and life, gives helpful insight into how a woman can tap her potential. A refreshing approach to leadership for women.

    Naomi Wolf ~ Author of The Beauty Myth

  • Megan’s mastery is her gift of sharing wisdom, insight and knowledge in a warm and engaging way that is not only easy to understand, but also easy to implement into your own life.

    Deborah Hutton