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Quick & easy wins for your personal brand

Last week we looked at the path to building your personal brand. Hopefully you have thought about what you want to be ...


Stop becoming. Start being.

I have this piece of art on my desk. Actually it’s a print out of a PDF of a piece of art that I completely fell ...

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What do you want to be known for?

Ask yourself this question: Is your personal brand taking you to the places you want to go in your career? How do ...

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  • Megan Dalla-Camina, who manifests a positive, life-enhancing style of leadership in her own work and life, gives helpful insight into how a woman can tap her potential. A refreshing approach.

    Naomi Wolf, Author of The Beauty Myth

  • Megan’s mastery is her gift of sharing wisdom, insight and knowledge in a warm and engaging way that is not only easy to understand, but also easy to implement into your own life. She’s the ‘real deal’

    Deborah Hutton

  • Megan is uniquely positioned to authentically discuss the challenges both female and male business leaders face in today’s manic global operating environments. The advice she provides is backed up by both science, research, and her own experience. Megan walks her talk.

    Rich Hirst, Director, CEO Forum Group.

  • Megan’s real honesty and wit inspires us to chase our dreams and celebrate the journey.

    Justine Cullen, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Australia

  • Megan Dalla-Camina is the voice of now.

    Annalie Killian, Founder and Curator, Amplify Festival.

  • Megan's knowledge of the human psyche and the business world is encyclopaedic. Her passion for making the world a better place is genuine and her warmth infectious. She is a delight and an inspiration.

    Terry Robson, Editor Wellbeing Magazine & ABC Broadcaster

  • If you want to book the very best in female empowerment speakers than you need to book Megan. She's the best in the business.

    Julie Parker, CEO & Founder

  • Megan is a catalyst for positive change and a passionate advocate for women. Her depth of knowledge and innate ability to connect, place her at the forefront of a new wave of leadership that will undoubtedly become the force to be reckoned with in this country.

    Taren Hocking, Director Champion Events & Sustaining Women in Business Conference