What will you declare? What will you declare? What will you declare?

What will you declare?

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If you were going to declare one thing that you absolutely must get done before the end of the year what would it be? Think about it. It might be something that was a big goal for the year. Or it could have come up later, but you know it’s the game changer. The one thing that, if you complete it or achieve it, you will feel content, accomplished and that your year has been a success.

If you had to name it, what would it be?

Is there just one thing, or are there a number that you are itching to get finished before you close out another year?

The good news is, there’s still time. Not time for everything mind you. If you wanted to climb Everest and you haven’t started training yet, you can probably let that one go (sorry ’bout that). If you wanted to lose 20 pounds, you might be leaving your run a little bit late there too. Five weeks, 20 pounds, probably not (well not safely anyway).

However there are a lot of things, big and small, that you can achieve in the time that’s left.

But you have to declare it now. So what is it?

Perhaps it’s finishing that big project that’s been sitting on your desk all year.

Or having that meeting with your boss to ask why you didn’t get the pay rise you were promised. Or the special project. Or the promotion or change in job title.

Maybe it’s losing some weight and amping up your green juice habit and yoga routine so that you can head into the end of the year feeling lighter, healthier, all glowy and fresh (yep, that’s on all our lists).

Perhaps it’s cleaning out the spare room, the back deck, the junk from the hallway or the kitchen cabinets to create space for new energy to flow.

Maybe it’s reading that book, starting to write that book, finish that uni paper or decide to make the commitment to start your Masters degree.

It could be catching up with your girlfriends before the end of the year, even though you’ve been talking about it since January.

It could be anything. But let’s be clear – you’ve got five weeks so it can’t be everything.

Imagine you have just closed everything down for the year. What is the biggest regret you will have if you don’t get it done? Where is the greatest level of anticipated satisfaction going to come from?

Have a good think about this, this week. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you really truly wanted to do something, and you actually did it. You nailed it. You used all of your wonderful ability and agency and got it done.

Pick that one thing (or two or three if you’re really keen).

Declare it this week. And work out your plan to make it happen.

I’d love to know in the comments what you are committing too. There is so much power in declaration and public accountability. To get you started, here are mine:

1. Five weeks of clear commitment to my health, so I feel clean and lean(er) going into the holidays.

2. Write 25,000 words on my new book. Deadlines are great for hustle!

3. Complete two final work projects that are almost done, and get them out into the world.

Now over to you – declare, share and get to work. I’m right there with you.

Until next time,

You’ve got this.


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