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I’m so pleased you’re here.

I have a vision that together we can change the conversation on women, leadership and work to one that is both empowering and game changing. That we can balance out the feminine and masculine energies in the world to create real change. That we can help everyone step into their authentic power. And that collectively, we can truly make our lives and the world, better.

At the heart of my life and work, is my belief that for us to truly create change, women must realise their worth, give themselves permission to live on their own terms and own their feminine power. A belief that only when women rise will the world heal. And a belief that good men are standing by waiting to support this rising with full hearts and open hands.

These waters are unchartered at this time in our history, where women are liberated but not yet fully empowered. We are laying down new foundations, having new conversations, rising up in new ways, yet still battling the voices that tell women we mustn’t, we shouldn’t, we can’t. These voices that tell women that the world is no place for us, that power doesn’t belong to us, and that our worth is based solely on our youth, sex appeal and mothering ability. And well, that that’s just the way it is.

But there is a rising taking place.
Changes are happening. An evolution is unfolding.
And a power shift is coming like we have never seen before.

As a strategist, coach, writer, speaker and researcher, as well as co-founder and author of Lead Like A Woman, my work is centered around helping women to rise, transforming leadership, creating positive organizational change, and bringing unity, not division, between men and women as we do it.

We need to get real – It’s time for us to create a new world. It’s time for us to nurture and develop a new kind of leader and a new kind of organization, where a balance of feminine and masculine traits and authentic leadership styles are valued, irrespective of gender.

It’s time for women to find true power and strength in their natural qualities, instead of trying to twist themselves like a pretzel to fit modes of leadership and work that were never designed with them in mind.

And it’s time that men get a break too, to step outside the gender norms and success models that can only be limiting in a modern world.

It’s time for a new conversation.

Where we talk about feminine power and the rise of women, without crucifying or alienating men.

Where we talk about people as well as profits, because they’re not mutually exclusive.

Where we talk about authenticity, creativity, courage and vulnerability as the new frontier of leadership.

Where we talk about what it really takes to lead like a woman, and why we all need to know how to do it (yes, even if you’re a man).

Where we talk about stepping out of the patriarchy, both inner and outer, that impacts women but doesn’t serve many men either.

And where we talk about how to help women find agency over their own careers and lives, and redefine and reclaim womanhood for themselves.

I am here to help women rise. I am dedicated to paving a path to gender parity that is unifying for women and men, not divisive.

And I am passionate about a fresh take on leadership that creates a better world for us all. Because the time is now. And it’s urgent.

We still live in a world that is so unbalanced. Where modern masculinity remains undefined and feminine power is misunderstood and scoffed at. And we work in a world where leadership is outdated, uninspiring and often destructive. When the World Economic Forum says we have a leadership crisis in the world today, it’s time not just to listen, but to act.

But for all of this to change, we have to listen to the right stories, have the right conversations, ask the right questions and be open and brave enough to try different strategies – because what we are collectively doing right now is not working.

I am here to listen. To ask the right questions. To have brave conversations. To develop transformed leaders. To raise women up into their full and glorious potential. And to create real change – for you, for me, for women, for men and for our children. The time is now. And you’re here for a reason. Join me.

Thanks for being here.


Professional Bio

Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, speaker, writer, and researcher passionate about changing the conversation on women, leadership and work. She is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Lead Like A Woman, an enterprise dedicated to women’s empowerment, transforming leadership and creating positive organizational change. Before becoming a thriving entrepreneur she spent two decades as a senior executive in global organizations such as GE, PwC and IBM; first as an award winning Marketing Director, and most recently as Head of Strategy for IBM, including remits for Gender Diversity and Organizational Culture and Change. Well known for her capacity to inspire and empower, while keeping it real, Megan is passionate about busting the rhetoric that keeps us stuck, asking new questions, and getting to the heart of what creates real change.

Having earned a Masters degree in Business Management from MGSM and a second Masters degree in Wellness (Positive Psychology) from RMIT where she received the Vice Chancellors Award for Academic Excellence, Megan blends science, spirit and experience to drive results that matter. Her work has been referred to by Forbes as “brave” and by Naomi Wolf as “refreshing”. She has significant experience in all aspects of women, leadership & work; from devising the gender strategy at IBM for almost a decade, being a founding implementation leader in the Male Champions of Change initiative lead by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, being a leadership lecturer in executive development at MGSM, to being a sought after strategist, thought leader and researcher creating a new frontier for women and work.

Megan won the inaugural NAB/Women’s Agenda award for Leader in the Private Sector, and she has been nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year multiple times. Her work and writing has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, NBC, Fox Business, CBS News, Marie Claire, Elle, Wellbeing, Womens Agenda and more. She is the author of the best selling book Getting Real About Having It All (Hay House) and the newly released Lead Like A Woman: Your Essential Guide to True Confidence, Career Clarity, Vibrant Wellbeing and Leadership Success.

You can connect with Megan on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter @mdallacamina and of course, at megandallacamina.com.

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