Add some constraints (and achieve your goals) Add some constraints (and achieve your goals) Add some constraints (and achieve your goals)

Add some constraints (and achieve your goals)

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What’s feeling hard to you right now? Is it a project at work, or a personal goal you’re not sure you will get done? Time is against you perhaps. Too many deadlines happening all at once. Or just not enough energy to get it finished?

Try this:

Take that project. Think about and quantify the amount of work you have left to complete. I want you to think about the actual amount of hours or days you have to get it all done in. Now halve the amount of time. Same amount of work, but half of the days or hours available to you.

How will you do it? Work out a plan right now. There’s no room for error and no extensions available. Write down exactly how you will achieve the goal. Get creative. Remove the box. Make an improbable but doable pathway to complete. Sit inside that paradox, but do it anyway.

Think about how you will feel once you have met this crazy unrealistic deadline with half the amount of time you thought you would have. What an absolute rock star you are.  Because as unlikely as it was, you got it done. Because you’re better than you think you are and you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

With all of this new knowledge, and imbued with this renewed enthusiasm, give yourself back the full amount of time. Remove the constraints. Breathe a little easier. Feel the sense of grace and ease that you now have to move forward and complete your project. Constraints can bring freedom, especially when we put them in place and then let ourselves be free of them. And just like that, you have all of the time you need.

Try this as your mantra: I have all of the time I need. My constraints bring me freedom.

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