Lead Like A Woman Book

Lead Like A Woman

Lead Like A Woman guides women to see more of who they really are, and get more of what they truly want. Based on the award winning leadership development program, this journey uncovers the stories that hold women back, and gives them the evidence-based roadmap to create the career and life they long for. From seeking more confidence, to building a personal brand, leveraging mentors and sponsors, and creating vibrant wellbeing, this book is the permission slip women have been waiting for. Brilliantly researched, passionately written, enjoyable to read, and packed with coaching play sheets to enable action, Lead Like A Woman will create both a personal and workplace revolution in how women live and lead.

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Getting Real About Having It All

The best-selling book Getting Real About Having it All is a must-read for any woman who has ever groaned at the presumed impossibility of building and maintaining a successful career, a fulfilling personal life, health and happiness. ‘Having it all’ is a personal choice. This book asks you to decide what it means for you, providing practical steps to get – and keep – you on the path to achieving it. You’ll be better equipped to make decisions from a place of personal knowing and strength to shape a career and life that you love. For the first time, Getting Real About Having it All brings together the personal development guidance, expert career advice and wellbeing support needed to build a meaningful life.