Choosing your energy amongst the crazy Choosing your energy amongst the crazy Choosing your energy amongst the crazy

Choosing your energy amongst the crazy

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Everyone I speak with, and probably everyone you speak with, is B U S Y. We all know it. We all feel it. We’re rushing around like crazy, and just trying to do our very best to stay sane. And even those schedules that are meticulously planned to include downtime and space, can still have those periods of madness that can send us, well, mad!

Case in point. October for me is one of those months. Last October, I committed to speaking for a valued client at their major annual event. 8 events, 3 cities, 3 weeks. Sounds manageable. So I said yes, thank you, and locked those dates in my diary. Fast forward 12 months and the dates kick off this week. All good so far.

But even though I had told myself I wouldn’t do this, I subsequently added in about another 8 events over the same time period. An amazing evening on the Gold Coast on Wednesday night with Soul Sister Circle, another few keynotes, some smaller workshops. They all add up to more content creation and more time and energy. And of course then there is the small thing called a book deadline, coaching clients, side ventures and creative projects, not to mention school holidays – and the past few weeks have been hectic with the next four even more so.

For someone who likes to plan for a lot of space (having learnt the hard way what happens when I don’t), it all has the potential to leave me feeling super stressed, overly wired and exhausted.

Today I get on my first of many planes for the month. I still have to build a lot of new content for all of these big talks, finalise other content, support my beautiful career toolkit community, manage my businesses, plan for some new contracts, and yes, get book pages written. I could feel myself entering into what may be familiar story territory for you too, which goes something like: ‘Why oh why did you do this to yourself? You are going to be so tired, and you won’t have time to look after yourself, and all those talks in those heels, and planes and cars and all of that content to create……’ and on and on and on it could have gone.

But this ain’t my first rodeo friends. I’ve been living and teaching this work – personal development, positive psychology, leadership, confidence, the neuroscience of our stories etc – for long enough now that I can see a downward spiral from a mile away.

So when this started to spiral for me this morning I caught it and stopped it, fast. And this was the new story and commitment that I made on the spot: ‘You are living the dream. All of these talks, book deals, clients, communities, this is what you created for yourself. It’s everything you hoped for and worked for. Yes it’s a lot. No, you won’t pack a month like this again. Yes, you will take care of yourself in the busyness: green smoothies, meditation, yoga, you will pack your Nikes and walk every day. You’ll take your oils for balance, immune protection, energy and rest. You will sleep. All of the work will get done. And yes, it’s going to be A W E S O M E’.

The biggest choice I have made that will set me up for success this month is that I will intentionally choose my energy. Knowing that I created this schedule and that I can choose to show up in it with grace and ease and positivity. That I will be so happy to be in front of each room of people, from 15 to 500, with the hope to share something that might potentially add value to their work and life. That I will be blessed to connect with many new people and old friends throughout the month. And most importantly, that I choose to sit in gratitude that I get to do this work that was once just a distant dream.

We get to choose the energy that we bring. We get to focus on the tiny positive moments even in the busiest or baddest of days. We get to focus on how we want to feel, and then to take the actions that will help to cultivate that feeling. We get to choose. And if we make the wrong choice, we can always choose again tomorrow.

What will you choose this week? What energy will you bring? And what difference will it make?

Wish me luck with my adventures this month! I wish you the very best with yours. And I’ll pop back in on Friday for the new Friday Five and let’s see what comes up this week.


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