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Looking for strategic support to create some real change in your career? If you want to go deeper and need support and guidance to do it, then I’d love to work with you.

Why you might need it:

We like to think that we can do it all on our own. And sometimes we can. But there are times in our career and life when we just need a little support, some strategic guidance and that cheerleader in our corner to give us the help, courage and confidence to take that next step.

It could be that you need to build a career plan. You might need to find a mentor and sponsor and are not sure how to do it. Perhaps you are working on your personal brand or a career transition but don’t know where to start. Going for a promotion, stepping into your first leadership role, trying to get some balance or even working on your exit strategy; these are all reasons my clients engage me to support them through the next steps in their career, whatever they may be.

We’ll look at your strengths, where you’re thriving, where you’re just surviving and what you want to work on. We’ll chart a course for major progress and we’ll get stuck right in to make things happen. You’ll bring your commitment + positive attitude. I’ll bring lots of support, wisdom and loads of love (and science too when we need it). It’s holistic. It’s worth it. And it works.

Why work with me:

I have very likely been where you are today. Through a twenty-year corporate career, I worked all over the world doing roles from marketing, to business development, gender diversity to leadership development, organisational change and business strategy. I have been on the journey from fresh-faced newbie to aspiring manager, from young leader to senior executive working for the CEO. And I know the challenges and opportunities inherent in each step of the journey. I know how to build career plans that work, navigate the politics, manage high performing teams, excel in the boardroom and lead like a woman. I have also been on the path from burn out to thriving, and can help you ensure that your health, happiness and authenticity are kept in tact on the road to the success you dream about.

How it works:

We work together for three or six months. To start, I’ll send you my strategically designed questionnaire + strengths survey to see where you’re at and help you get clear on your focus areas. Many of my clients tell me this is such a cathartic process that it’s almost worth signing up just to get access to it. We’ll get together via phone, Skype or in person. In our first session we’ll review your questionnaire and get really clear on what areas you want to work on. We’ll then lay out a path forward and work together to get the results you need. You’ll bring your openness and willingness to do the work. I’ll bring everything else you need, in a supportive and nurturing environment, to help you chart your course for success.

How to begin:

Simply fill out this form to tell me where you’re at. I will then send you the next level of detail and we can set up a complimentary 15 minute call where you can ask me any questions and see if we are the right fit.

Are you ready?

I’m psyched to work with you. Fill out the contact form below and let’s get started.

During our sessions Megan demonstrated a remarkable ability to direct my attention toward clarifying my vision with an emphasis on the identification of exactly what that vision looked like, how to remove any barriers to attaining it, and importantly, how to move forward in my journey. She really listened to my responses and provided me with a combination of practical strategies and loving guidance about how to move forward. Whilst we were primarily focused on a very specific area I really appreciated her holistic approach. Thank you Megan for giving me the inspiration and gentle nudge that I needed to begin this new journey and reclaim my spark.

Dr. Nicole Carvill, Psychologist

I realised that I felt stuck and needed clarity as to which direction to take and Megan would be the right coach for me. With heart, passion, humor, empathy and intuition, Megan listened deeply and asked me challenging questions to help me get to the core of what I truly wanted even if I didn’t think I knew the answers. Megan kept me accountable with encouraging and inspiring support towards my goal of living on purpose. She also encouraged me to own my multi-passionate personality, reconnect with my passion and creativity, and incorporate them into my day to day life. She helped to keep me on track, focused and motivated.

Danielle Street, Marketing Manager

Megan has been a fantastic coach and the growth I have seen in myself is not only recognisable with my team but also my friends and family. Megan has so many strong attributes as a coach. I find her authenticity and genuineness to be key strengths and something that I was immediately drawn to. Her ability to draw from the depth and breadth of her own professional and personal experiences allows the coaching to be real and not some text book theory. Her coaching techniques are refreshing and I find that Megan helps me to reflect and then most importantly make the desired behaviour change. Megan is an inspirational woman who is not only a great listener, but someone you can also have a laugh or cry with. For anyone looking for honest, fresh insights and ideas on how to positively work through the many curve balls that life throws, connect with Megan. Her guidance, empowerment and support will be the difference you need.

Manuela Schmid, Director, PwC