End of year. Feeling sh*t? You’re not alone. End of year. Feeling sh*t? You’re not alone. End of year. Feeling sh*t? You’re not alone.

End of year. Feeling sh*t? You’re not alone.


Well that happened. Christmas is done. For those who celebrate it, many are probably still recovering from too much turkey and wine. Oh, and that bloody Christmas cake. Those who don’t celebrate are probably just happy everyone has stopped going on about it. And for those who find this a particularly hard time of year, I am sure they are glad it’s nearly over for another year.

But we aren’t done yet. Now there is the whole New Year thing to get through. If you look through social media, you would think that everyone is in a constant state of bliss and celebration – how wonderful their 2016 was, how much fun they are having in the holidays, and how AMAZING their new year’s eve and 2017 will be. How they achieved EVERY goal they set out to and how they are leaving this year glowing and vibrant and bursting with good vibes.

Hey, if that’s you, then power to you.

But if that’s not you, then please don’t panic. And for God’s sake, don’t feel bad about yourself.

I know a lot of people who are really happy to see the end of this year. Friends who lost loved ones, lost jobs, had relationships end, went through personal turmoil, had a spiritual awakening that was brutally challenging, dealt with more than their fair share of stress, learnt stuff about themselves that cracked them open or realised that they need to change everything about their work situation.

I have friends who literally just will themselves through this period between Xmas and New Year so things can go back to normal. They feel sad. Lonely. Alone. And trust me, you have friends like this too.

And then there are the large majority who are in a secret panic about what the next year might bring. They look back on 2016 with mild anxiety and a recurring feeling of lack of accomplishment. All those new year’s resolutions they made lasted until January 5th. The long list of goals they set, well, two out of twenty just doesn’t cut it. That ten pounds they swore they would lose – they put on five instead. And the plan to have more fun, get more freedom, save more money, make new friends, work less, meditate and eat more clean food, and get more sleep, well, forget about it.

So if that was the view of 2016, why wouldn’t you be mildly terrified about another year, with more of the same?

But hey, let’s sit tight just for a minute. Remember, I said don’t panic.

Because I want to tell you a secret that you may not have realised, but I know for sure.

Are you ready?

You’re better than you think you are.

You did more than you think you did.

You’re actually pretty incredible. Ask anybody. Especially your best friend. Because she will tell what I already know.

You did your best. You showed up. You gave it your all. And yes, it may not have turned out the way you thought it would. You may not have gotten all the outcomes you wanted. You may not have ticked all the boxes on your list.

But you know what?

It really doesn’t matter.

Not really.

Because you are still here. You have another chance this new year coming up. You get to have a clean sheet of paper and start it all over again.

And rather than go into it with a long list of ridiculous goals and resolutions that are guaranteed to set you up for unhappiness, why don’t you try a different plan.

Why not celebrate the successes you had this year? Savour what went well, even the smallest details. Highlight what you loved about this year. The relationships, the breakthroughs, the little things.

Then think about the new year in terms of how you want to feel, what you want to create, how you want to LIVE, not just want you want to achieve. Who do you want to be in the brave new year? You can be anything. You can do anything. You can feel anything. You can live anyway you want.

I see you. I believe in you. Don’t spend another second feeling bad about yourself. Or feeling angst for what has past and what may come.

Sit and savour how incredible you are. Ask someone to remind you if you need to. Write it down. Reflect on it.

And next time you see a perfect picture of someone on social media raving about how perfect their life is, remember this: they are very likely one of the people I describe above, perhaps feeling the same angst as you, just dealing with it in another way. So don’t feel badly about yourself, or envious about them. Just send them love. And send yourself some while you’re at.

Because you are AMAZING. And I know that no matter what comes in 2017, you will still be amazing at the other end of it, and you don’t have to do anything or be anything different for that to happen.

You just are. Enough. Right now. And you always will be.

If you do nothing else this week, go into the new year knowing that. You. Enough. Amazing. That’s all there is, and it’s all you need to know.


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