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If you long to be supported with your writing, and be empowered
to write with more grace, ease and joy, then this writing retreat is for you.

Do you love to write?

Go on, be honest with yourself.

Perhaps you have a dream of writing but keep pushing it down in the busy-ness of your life. Or you just know that you have an important message to share with the world, but you’re not really sure anyone will be interested. Maybe you’ve started your book but are a bit stuck on the concept or content. Or maybe your inner critic has such a hold on you that you can’t get the words out, even though you are desperately longing to.

I‘m sure that you tell yourself that if you just had some time and space for yourself, without the distractions of your everyday, you could finally start that book, or finish that writing project you have been dreaming of. That you could get in touch with your writing voice, the one that you just know has something meaningful to say. We all want space and time to write. For so many women though, even if they have all the time in the world, they often don’t make meaningful progress without the expert guidance of someone who has been there before, done it themselves, and helped other women through the process.

If you have a writing dream and are longing for that support and guidance, then you’re in the right place, and I’d love to help you.

Whether you’re a would-be author working on your first book, a keen blogger looking for the next step, or someone who has been dreaming of getting words on the page but doesn’t quite know how, this is your time. You could even be an experienced, published author working on your next book, and looking for a beautiful dose of writing inspo to fuel your writing mojo.

If you are a writer, or want to be a writer, then you’ve landed on the right page.

In the creative and spiritual gem that is Byron Bay, we will breathe life into whatever is calling to you.

You may have a well thought out writing plan, or just a few new ideas. A book that’s half complete, or just a glimpse of an outline. Perhaps you have nothing but a dream for what you could write, and that’s just fine too. If you’re an experienced writer needing an inspiration and creativity boost, you will get that here. And if you’re completely new to the writing game, you won’t be for long. Because in my experience, if you are called to go on a writing retreat, then SOME MAGIC is calling your name. And wherever you are at, I’ve got you.

I have created this special women’s retreat because I am passionate about helping you find your writing voice, commit to your work and bring your message to the world. Over the years I have had so many women ask me to help them shift the blocks that hold them back from writing their truth, and to teach them the mindsets, tools and processes that will enable them to bring their projects to life.

I created this retreat for you: because I just know you have magic within you and that you only need some space, nurturing and support from myself and a caring group of like-minded women to bring your gifts to life.

We will spend five days and four nights together where you will have the rare opportunity to work uninterrupted on your writing project, unlock your creativity and get intimate with your muse. Not only that, you will have a beautifully relaxing holiday where everything is taken care of and all you need to focus on is you. Can you even imagine?


Megan Dalla-Camina is a best selling author, feature writer, blogger and writing coach. Her first book, the best selling Getting Real About Having It All (Hay House) was featured in media not only in Australia, but all over the world including Forbes, CNBC, Fox Business, Fortune, Elle Magazine and in dozens of other media.

Her latest book published in 2016, Lead Like A Woman, became an instant best seller, redefining what it means to be a career woman today, and breaking new ground in the women’s leadership space. Megan is currently working on her third book to be published with Hay House globally in April 2018.

In addition to book writing, Megan writes for Huffington Post and Psychology Today, as well as Wellbeing Magazine, Womens Agenda, The Collective, Business Chicks, Marie Claire, Fast Company, and numerous other outlets. A sought after expert on writing, she is also a featured guest teacher in the renowned Hay House Writers Workshop online program, alongside global luminaries Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra. She has supported dozens of women to fulfil their writing dreams with blogs, articles, and importantly, starting and completing their books.

During the retreat you will experience:
  • Writing workshops each day on specific areas of the writing process
  • One-on-one coaching time on your writing project
  • A warm and supportive environment where you will feel safe and encouraged to listen, learn and share with other women who are on their own writing journey
  • Luxurious afternoons to do nothing but write, write, write (oh, ok, maybe a nap too)
  • I will share my experience as a best selling author and writing coach;
    • Developing the right concept for your book
    • How to structure your content and synthesise your ideas
    • The writing and editing process
    • Getting endorsements and book blurbs
    • All aspects of publishing, from traditional publishing houses to self publishing
      marketing, sales and getting your book read
  • I will also share my experiences and expertise as a commissioned writer for local and international magazines and online sites; my processes, what works, what doesn’t, how to keep up with both the content demands and writing inspiration.
  • JUST ANNOUNCED: Exclusive workshop with best selling author Bronnie Ware, who’s book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying has been read by more than a million people.

Topics we will cover will include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up writing habits and rituals.
  • Connecting with and honouring your muse.
  • What to do when you don’t know what to write.
  • How to work through writer’s block.
  • Removing resistance, procrastination and other negative habits.
  • Getting your work seen, published and read.
  • How to set book writing timelines and working to deadlines.
  • How to know if your work is actually any good.

At the end of the retreat you can expect to:

  • Have moved your writing project forward!
  • Have busted many of the myths about writing and what it means to be a writer.
  • Have developed and committed to a writing practice that will be the foundation of achieving your goals, no matter how small or large they are.
  • Have a new tribe of women to support you (via a private Facebook community), to share with, and travel through life with on your writer’s path. This can make all the difference between actually writing, not just dreaming about it.
  • Understand new processes and tools to work with to help fuel your creativity.
  • Have resources to use for writing inspiration and support.
  • Have had a memorable experience that can change the path of your writing forever.
  • Learn about what it really takes to fulfill your writing dreams.
  • Have tangible words that you have written during the week – whether it be book pages, articles, blog posts or other writing – so you will have made real progress and forward movement on your work.

Fall in love with your writing. Get the confidence you need to start, move forward, or even complete your book or project. And discover just how wonderful it can be to commit to your writing, whilst learning tools and strategies to build a lasting writing practice.

You will leave this retreat feeling refreshed, with hopes renewed and with plans in place to achieve your writing dreams.

And you will have a magical, fun and relaxing time doing it!

And remember: A retreat is an investment in your career, as well as a vacation! Give yourself and your writing this gift and move one step closer to your writing dreams.

A personal note:

Byron is like my second home. I go there for it’s creative magic. And it is where I have written large parts of my three books. It has a very special energy that I don’t experience anywhere else. When dreaming of hosting a writer’s retreat, there was no other place it was going to be. Our gorgeous house is just out of Byron – a ten minute walk – so we are out of the hustle in our cozy paradise, but close enough to walk on the beach in the morning should you choose (it’s where I will be every morning before our day together starts). It will be my pleasure to welcome you to this wonderful place.

Love and Gratitude

“Megan has been patient, persistent, bold and brilliant (all the things I needed in a coach). Her coaching has helped me bring my dream of being a writer into the here and now. She’s shown me how to put the soul back into my words and how to get those words on the page again and again.”

“From offering her encouragement and guidance, to her life-changing little nudge to ‘just submit the proposal’, I’m so very grateful for Megan’s support through my publishing journey so far.”

“Megan’s Writers Circle is a Winner! I loved it. I came away with more knowledge, a clearer idea of where I want to take my writing and have formed amazing connections with other women writers. “

“Megan’s Writers Circle is a soothing haven that creates magical shifts! I gained unbelievable clarity and confidence through Megan’s teachings and the connections with likeminded writers. The Writers Circle experience has significantly impacted my path as a writer.”

“I joined Megan’s Writers Circle with the hope of receiving some guidance on the process of writing a book. What I had achieved at the end of our time together was so much more! I not only publicly declared I was writing a book, I have drafted the first two and a half chapters – I can tell you I never saw that coming! Megan is generous with her time, her knowledge, and with sharing her own journey and you can’t help but be inspired and motivated.”

The Writer’s Retreat will run from
Wednesday 16th August until Sunday 20th August.

5 days / 4 nights in a beautiful house in Byron Bay (10 minutes walk from Byron) Your investment includes everything! Your beautiful accommodation, all of your writing workshops, one-on-one time with me, on the spot coaching, yoga and meditation, and all of your meals are included. This will include yummy organic breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, wine (and healthy smoothies) plus a super special dinner out in Byron on our last evening together.

This retreat is strictly limited to 7 women, to ensure we have an intimate group and ample time for me to spend with each woman. Please secure your place now.

To apply to attend, please complete this form and we will set up a 15 minute call to discuss your writing dreams and ensure you are a great fit for this retreat. I am personally curating the attendees to ensure we have the best energy and synergy for an incredible week.

$3,995 (plus GST)

$3,495 (plus GST)


After our inquiry call you will be sent an invoice for $1,500 as a deposit to secure your place. Then a payment plan will be set between now and the date of the retreat. Super easy!

Please note also that this retreat may well be a tax deduction. Please check with your accountant.

Questions? Please email [email protected] and I will be happy to answer them!