Feeling a little frazzled? This may help. Feeling a little frazzled? This may help. Feeling a little frazzled? This may help.

Feeling a little frazzled? This may help.

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There’s been some pretty crazy energy floating around in recent weeks.

Of course, there was the US election which sent many of us into emotional meltdown. It’s still a sensitive topic and will be for a long time to come. I tried to make sense of it in this piece on Women’s Agenda, which might help if you are still reeling.

Then there was the full moon last week, with the moon being closest to earth since about 1948. As the ocean can shift our energy as easily as it shifts the tides, many of us have been feeling a little less grounded or completely out of whack due to that as well.

And then there’s the fact that we are five weeks out until Christmas, which not only means all that shopping and craziness coming our way, but also that awful feeling of everything you haven’t yet done at work, the deadlines that are looming, and the twisting knot you may feel in your stomach when you even think about your to do list.

I’m with you. I have been feeling all of the above, and throw in my kid turning 16, and a 60 day cleanse on top of it, and I have been feeling less than stellar this past week too.

So here are some small things you can do to keep yourself in check over the next few weeks. I will write more on this as we get closer to year end, but I felt the need to share these with you today in the hope that they will serve you.

Ground yourself. With all the crazy energy around, it’s super important to ground yourself. Some of my favourite ways to do this: get your bare feet on the earth, take your shoes off at lunchtime and walk in the park; sit with your back against a large tree and meditate; put your hands in the earth and garden; use grounding aromatherapy oils like Sandalwood, Balance and Vetiver (I love DoTerra oils).

Prioritise self care. Now more than ever, look after yourself. Take a bath, make time to read something nurturing, turn off the news, make some soothing tea, eat wholesome foods, drink green juice, go to sleep an hour earlier, meditate as much as possible, listen to healing music, have an evening with your girlfriends where you really connect, go to yoga, and just make time for rest and space and peace.

Cleanse your energy. Keep your channels clear. Take a shower when you get home from work. Have a salt bath. Put your feet in the ocean, or your whole body if you can. Burn peppermint, clary sage and lavender oils in your diffuser. Do a light clearing meditation (just visualise white light coming in through the top of your head and flooding through your body). And stay in positive energy.

I want you to become really conscious to how you are feeling. Where your energy is. Where you feel fabulous and full of light, and where you feel depleted, exhausted, or just worn out by it all.

Then I want you to consciously fill yourself up. With light, with love, with positive intentions and with clarity about what you need to feel your best. Or at least, with what you need to do over the next five weeks to stay sane, well and as happy as you can be.

Because you deserve to look after yourself. Now, more than ever. And you’re worth every second of the joy and peace it brings.


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