Five Simple Ways to Bring Back Your Sparkle Five Simple Ways to Bring Back Your Sparkle Five Simple Ways to Bring Back Your Sparkle

Five Simple Ways to Bring Back Your Sparkle


Do you move through your hectic days in a blur, meeting everyone’s demands except your own? Do you go to bed at the end of it all feeling like you have been through the rinse cycle too many times and left hung out to dry? Well if this is you, don’t worry – I have you covered. Here are five ways you can bring some much-needed wellness into your life, so you can be a cool calm success, not a hot crazy mess.

Get your sleep

Sleep is numero uno on this list because it can have a more profound impact on how you feel than almost anything else. Sleep can be the first thing to go when you get busy, but it is absolutely critical to your wellbeing. Once you build a healthy sleep routine, you will never compromise on it again. Here are some tips to get the beauty sleep you need:

– Create a bedtime ritual to wind your dial down. Mine starts an hour before bed, with a cup of herbal tea, some light reading, then meditation before sleep. The routine helps the mind and body wind down and get ready to slumber.

– It is important to get to bed by 10.30pm whenever possible as the sleep before midnight is worth double the hours after it.

– Really try and get 7-8 hours consistently. A good nights sleep really can change everything.

Nourish yourself

We hear so often that we are what we eat. The truth is that while we may reach for the carbs or the sugar when we feel stressed out and tired, it is the very worst thing we can do. The key things I recommend to get your body zinging include:

– Drink a green juice or smoothie every day (see my website for recipes)

– Cut out the white stuff and all processed foods

– Get off the crack that is sugar, in all forms

– Limit your caffeine to one a day (sad I know)

– Watch your alcohol intake

Make time to restore

As a woman you can spend so much time taking care of everyone else, that you can end up feeling run ragged. It is so important to build in restoration moments to recharge yourself and to save you from burning out. I have been there and it is not a place you want to visit. Think about what you can do for yourself that will leave you feeling refreshed. It could be a bubble bath, a quiet moment with a cup of tea, a yoga pose like legs up the wall pose, or a mini meditation. The key is to do these things regularly, not just when you feel like you are breaking point.

Take a meditation break

Meditation. It is such a simple word, yet it puts the fear of God into so many people. But it doesn’t need to be so scary. So much research has been done into the power and benefits of meditation on the brain, the body and everything in between. It is a practice that can be life changing, so it is worth persevering. To start, all you really need to do is just sit down, close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Follow your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose. Start with 5 minutes and see how you go. That’s it. Build a practice twice a day, or whenever you need to bring in some peace and calm, and you will always have a powerful tool to heighten your wellbeing. It is as close as your breath.

Rethink Stress

There is a chapter in my book called ‘There is no stress, only stressful thoughts’. You can read it to get the full gist, but the key is that the way we think about what goes on around us, is really where the stress comes from, not the event itself. If you can change the way you think, you can dramatically change your stress levels. Every thought you think is creating your future. Start watching the thoughts you think and the language you use, including the voice inside your head. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, or you hear the voice that continually tells you how stressed you are, stop. Use your breath to slow down and choose a different thought, a positive affirmation, to break that downward spiral. Your nervous system will thank you for it.

You are in control of your wellbeing, even when you don’t feel like you have control over anything. Use these simple tools to bring more moments of wellness into your day, and you will soon find more of your sparkle that may have been hiding away for far too long.

In the comments below, tell me the one thing you will do this week to bring back your sparkle. The Getting Real tribe will love to hear from you.


You’ve Got This.

Until next time,

Megan xo


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