Four books I’m loving right now Four books I’m loving right now Four books I’m loving right now

Four books I’m loving right now


I am constantly being inspired by what I read. To be honest, I’m a little obsessed by books. Any format, most genres, can’t get enough. And I’m asked all the time ‘what are you reading now?’. It’s never a singular answer, as my bedside is never without a pile of at least ten titles, and I have books scattered across every surface in my house.

So for your reading pleasure, here are four books I am loving right now.

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly – Seth Godin. I love this man. I love his brain. I may in fact be a bit of a Seth stalker. Seth is the person who challenges my thinking about my art, my business and what I create more than anyone else on the planet. This book, which I have in paperback and audio, is a revelation. I was listening to it on a plane last week and kept having to rewind again and again to take notes and get the exact essence of what he said. I literally have to stop and think about what he says. And I love that. One of my favourite lines: “Everyone you interact with is changed forever. The only questions are, how will they be different and how different will they be”. Ponder that. 

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles – Steven Pressfield. Resistance. It’s the inner demon that haunts all creatives. And by creatives, I mean anyone who ever wanted to create anything, which means you. This book revolutionised the way millions of people think about what they do and why they get stuck when they try to do it. It all comes down to resistance. I’ve had this book for years and always come back to it when I am in creation mode, stuck, or just need a dose of reality. You will never look at resistance, or your art, the same again.

The Woman I Wanted to Be – Dianne von Furstenburg. I have so much love and respect for Dianne. I have long admired her as a brilliant fashion designer, the artist who created the wrap dress, and I have grown to love her sharp wit, her humour, her kindness and her sass from watching her mentor brilliant up and coming designers on the documentary series The Fashion Fund (watch it, art and business in progress). Through reading her autobiography, I have come to know of her incredible personal journey, her story and that of her family and her mother who survived Auschwitz, and the reasons she has become the woman she is today – the woman she always wanted to be. True inspiration, and the epitome of grace which I aspire to.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – Marie Kondo. This #1 New York Times Bestseller has sold over 2 million copies. That is a crazy number of books! Marie is a Japanese cleaning consultant who helps people win their constant battles to declutter, clean out, and keep it that way. She talks about only keeping things that ‘spark joy’ for you and debunks the typical  wisdom of clearing one little space at a time and says get rid of it all now. Love it. And boy, my home could use her wisdom. I’m in the reading stage – the clearing stage comes next. Wish me luck!

Happy reading.

P.S Don’t forget that if you are needing inspiration in your career and life, you can pop over and get a copy of Rise and Shine: Creating a Career and Life You Love.  It’s filled with essays and worksheets to help you get clear, confident and creative about your work and life. I hope you love it and that it serves you well.


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