How do you feel before you start? How do you feel before you start? How do you feel before you start?

How do you feel before you start?


You know those moments when you are thinking about starting something…..

A new project at work

Or a writing project

Giving a speech or presentation

Or sending that really important email…

How do you feel before you start? 

When I sit down to write, I feel many things, but most of those feelings are hovering around similar ground….



A slight sense of panic even….

That there will be nothing to say – nothing new, nothing of interest, or that the words simply won’t come.

That the well has dried up and turned to stone.

Others I know have the same feeling before walking into a client presentation, preparing a proposal for a new deal, or starting that new art project.

For so many people, these moments can be paralysing.

The questions, the blankness and blackness that can drape over you, and the never ending voice of ‘why should I even bother?’

Or that voice, the one that whispers ever so quietly, ‘am I really good enough?’

In those moments, you have a choice.

You can sit in that fear and let it grip you like a vice. 

Or you can simply start.


One word.

A sentence.

A collection of ideas on paper.

A stroke of the paint brush.

A phone call to a colleague to say ‘hey, I have an idea for a new strategy’.

Or one simple picture on a brand new vision board.

It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong.

Start over.

It doesn’t matter.

You just need to begin.

Now is the right time.

Begin anywhere.




You’ve got this. 

Thanks for being here.




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