If you only do one thing this weekend, do this If you only do one thing this weekend, do this If you only do one thing this weekend, do this

If you only do one thing this weekend, do this


So it’s the start of the weekend and you are getting geared up for the next few days. Ok, some of you are already salivating at the thought of what’s ahead – a glass of wine, drinks with the girls, sport with your kids, dinner with friends, or maybe even some unfinished work. Then there all the things that simply must get done before Monday – the shopping, the washing, the ironing, running around, exercise, you name it, you may have it on your list this weekend.

But before you settle into to your weekend rhythm, or get stuck into a good old vodka tonic (yes please), pause for a minute. What are you going to do this weekend to restore yourself from your busy week, and prepare yourself for the next one? What time are you going to take out this weekend just for you, to relax, unwind and recharge what maybe a frazzled (or dying) battery?

Taking a few moments to think about this, and to plan time for restoration, is incredibly important. Otherwise we can fall into bed on Sunday night in an exhausted heap, and wake up tired, grumpy and miserable on Monday morning, resentful that here is yet another week to survive through.

But what if there was one simple thing you could do over the next few days that would help you feel rested and renewed, and just a little more sane when it came time for work again? There is. It’s called restoring yourself. And it’s really not that hard at all, and it doesn’t need hours and hours of your time either.

Restoration time can be many different things. Here is a small list just to get your juices flowing –

– 30 minutes for a lavender filled bubble bath

– ten minutes of meditation each day

– quiet time with a book in the afternoon

– getting to bed early for blissful sleep (or a bit of fun!)

– going for a long walk or run

– Sunday morning with the papers and a cup of tea

– doing restorative yoga like legs up the wall pose

– an afternoon nap

– quiet time playing with your kids

– just doing nothing at all (try to imagine it if you can!)

There is an endless list of things that can be restorative for you. It doesn’t have to be a long time – five or ten minute intervals can make the world of difference. But by all means, drift off for a 2 hour afternoon nap if you can get it – one of all time favourite things! The key is that it is something that makes you feel rested, refreshed, and a bit more like your best self instead of the tired and cranky person who may live in your body when you are feeling anything but restored!

So think about what you can do for yourself this weekend and schedule it in. You are worth it, and you deserve it. Make some time for you and see just how much better you can feel with a little time out to nourish and restore yourself.

You’ve Got This.

Until next time,

Megan xo


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