June round up June round up June round up

June round up


I often get asked what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, the research I’m looking at, where I’m speaking, what I’m working on, etc etc. And I have been asked a lot recently to share more with you about what I’m up to and behind the scenes looks into my work and life (be careful what you ask for!).

So welcome to a brand new type of post that I will do once a month called the monthly round up. I had fun writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

Before we get into the June Round Up, I wanted to provide a quick overview of the content you can expect on the site and my other adventures, as we have had loads of new visitors and subscribers recently (thanks to everyone who comes to visit, I love having you here). This post is much longer than usual, so scan the top part and get to the goodies below if you are a regular visitor!

1. Weekly posts. Each week (or most weeks) you get an article or blog post from me on matters related to women, leadership and work: that could be something that is on my mind, a theme that is coming up with my clients, a hot topic I am out speaking on, research that I’m looking at, or interesting people that I’m talking to. I write a lot on careers, purpose, leadership, gender/diversity, feminism, productivity, creativity, and wellbeing. If there are specific topics you would like me to write about then please drop me an email here or leave a note in the comments – I would love to hear from you so I can make this content as valuable and relevant as possible.

2. Podcast. About once or twice a month I do a fascinating interview with someone who I think you will be interested to learn from, and we have a real, uncensored and unfiltered conversation about things that matter in regard to women, leadership and work – including wellbeing, balance, creativity and staying sane in what can be a crazy world. I also pipe in from time to time with a riff on something that matters or a topic I want to teach on.

3. Resources hub. I am in the process of creating a resource hub filled with loads of completely free content on the following areas: women, work, career, leadership, wellbeing, creativity, and gender diversity. You will be able to download PDF articles and worksheets, videos, research and resources, all developed to help you create a career and life that you love. I am hoping we will be able to have that site live around September/October. More to come on that. To get you started, you can sign up right now for my free Career Masterclass. It’s a 30 minute training, with accompanying workbook, that will help you craft a career plan that works, as well as learning the biggest mistakes to avoid with mentors and sponsors, and the key to building your personal brand. Go get it here.

4. Programs & events. We are deep in product creation to bring you more fabulous programs like The Career Toolkit, that will help you go deeper into your journey, and leverage all I have learnt and applied in two decades of my work; and more in person events on subjects like building your exit strategy, starting your business, becoming a writer, and the upcoming See What’s Possible Day in Sydney on July 16th (I think there are two tickets left, for details on that email us here).

5. Coaching, Speaking, Strategy & Advisory. I love the work I do coaching private clients, speaking at events, running leadership development and women’s programs, and doing strategy & advisory work on gender diversity and leadership. You can always connect with me directly to enquire about engaging in these areas.

So that’s what is happening around here. I hope the content serves you, eases and informs your journey, and adds a bit of a spark and support when you need it most.

Now onto what happened in June.

Here we go. I hope it has been a fabulous month for you, and that the rest of this year fullfills all of your wishes.

June Round Up

What I’ve been up to

June has been a bit crazy I have to admit. My new company Lead Like A Woman, which is the culmination of years of work with my business partner Michelle McQuaid, had its soft launch with a fabulous webinar that had around 1,000 incredible women on it. In getting ready for that launch, I was busy h-u-s-t-l-i-n-g!;

Final typesetting and proofing of the new book Lead Like A Woman: Your Essential Guide to True Confidence, Career Clarity, Vibrant Wellbeing and Leadership Success (pre-orders available now, launches July 18th 2016).

First round of book printing, making sure everything looks the way it should (it never does first round!)

Getting the website ready to go live

Launch webinar and site live!

Managing the early bird sales period for the book, online program, coaches pack and organisational offerings

All things behind the scenes to do with book marketing and distribution

Lots of amazing entrepreneurial things going on that I will tell you about in an upcoming webinar and articles as I know there are lot’s of budding business mavens in this group – make sure you’re on my email list to learn about coming attractions.

I’ve been out speaking a lot this month too – coming off the back of last month where I toured the country with the CPA’s Emerging Leaders Forum talking to men and women about closing the confidence gap; continuing my work with NAB’s Women In Technology program this month about managing your derailment factors; and last week I was a keynote speaker, speaking about my journey and lessons, and also a panelist on diversity issues at the Women’s Leadership Symposium, alongside incredible speakers like my friends Lisa Messenger, Deborah Hutton and the ever inspiring Layne Beachley and Elizabeth Broderick. Pretty incredible few weeks.

What I’ve been listening to

I love a good podcast. I couldn’t list all of the podcast interviews I listen to each month or we would be here forever! But here are some of the ones I really got into, that I think are worth your time.

I recently discovered Rob Bell and his podcast The Robcast is filled with juicy interviews that I’m loving right now. I particularly loved Episode 44 with Oprah, 43 with Lewis Howes, 74 and 100 with Liz Gilbert and 103 with Alexander Shaia (this was particularly riveting).

I also love the Sounds True Insights At The Edge podcast with Tami Simon and this month I listened to her interview with Seane Corn, one of my favourite yoga teachers, talking about the yoga of awakening; then there was Lewis Howe’s School of Greatness podcast interview with Carrie-Anne Moss (of The Matrix fame) on living mindfully. And also the Emerging Women: Grace and Fire interview with Sara Avant Stover on living the heroine’s journey (a huge part of my research work I will be sharing and writing about later this year).

Love love love. Most times I get in the car or go walking, when I’m making soup, cooking or doing household chores like the washing, I listen to something inspiring, which makes the time productive and useful. Let me know in the comments below what you’re currently listening to and if any of these ones vibe with you.

What I’m reading

Ok so again, I won’t list all the books I am referencing or flicking through, but here is what I am into at the moment. I am going to actively try to get through the 15 books on my ‘must read next’ shelf (yes I have one, such a book nerd) now that I have finished writing the book. Can’t wait to get stuck in.

I read Tara Moss’s Speaking Out. I received an advance copy from her publisher so I could conduct an interview with Tara to support her launch. The book is fabulous and a great resource for any woman wanting to use her voice. You can read our interview here.

I am a little obsessed with Dominique Christina, author of This Is Woman’s Work: Calling Forth Your Inner Council of Wise, Brave, Crazy, Rebellious, Loving, Luminous Selves. This book! Looking at the author’s creation of modern day archetypes for women, the soulful, confronting, illuminating writing is profound and heart warming. I am hoping to interview Dominique for my podcast in the future. Read it.

And I am also reading an advance copy of Jessica Valenti’s Sex Object: A Memoir, for an interview I am doing with her shortly. One of America’s most iconic feminist voices of her generation, I am already enthralled with her writing on growing up in an age where women are treated as sex objects and intrigued about what this very informed feminist has to say about it. Watch out for that interview in coming weeks.

Latest research

I have to admit, having just co-written an 85,000 word book that is heavily research based, I have been a little over research for the past few weeks. But the study that did get my attention a few weeks ago was the Male Champions of Change Equity Change report by Professor Isabel Metz at Melbourne Business School.

As many of you know I worked on the Male Champions of Change initiative lead by the former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, for the first three years of the program. We made massive inroads into changing the conversation around women and gender diversity, from women talking to women about women, to powerful men engaging in and leading change.

This independent report by Professor Metz covers interviews with more than 40 male leaders, and articulates what they really think about women, diversity and driving change, and how committed they are to it. It fits with my premise, that we outline in Lead Like A Woman, that we have to stop driving the rhetoric around equality and actually create a new conversation with real champions actively driving change, not just talking about it. Much more on this to come. For now, take a look at the study and see what you think. I’d love to know your thoughts on what you are observing in your workplace.

Free resource for you

The best resource I want you to grab this week is the introduction and first chapter to Lead Like A Woman which you can download for free over at the site. The book isn’t available until July 18th, however if you pre-order three copies you get an invite to an all access call with me. But first, go get the free chapter and start to learn how you can step into your true confidence and most authentic leadership self. I hope you love it. It is the best thing I have ever written and early reviews are incredible. So proud of this work and can’t wait for you to access it.

I hope this update has been helpful. As I said, I’d love your feedback, insights and what you want more of. Drop me an email or a note in the comments below, and let’s stay connected.

Until next time

You’ve got this.

P.S Sam in my team is in charge of registrations for my special See What’s Possible day on July 16th….but I think we have one or two spots available. If you would like to spend the day with me in an intimate and inspiring environment, email us to grab your place. It’s going to be an incredible day that will help you unlock the tools to create the career and life you love – and reach your goals for the rest of the year.

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