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Know who you are


So I have spent another afternoon walking the streets of New York. Through Central Park, which is looking pretty bleak today being just zero degrees; to the Apple store to check out some headphones for Luca and a new Mac Book cover for me; and on it goes until of course I end up back at Barnes and Noble, this time in the business and entreprenuer section with about six books that keep me occupied for over an hour. And now I am back at my hotel, sitting at my desk with the (tiny) view of the park, happily writing away.

Now I am in New York right. I have been here countless times over the past decade and have done everything from the tourist bus to the galleries, and everything in between. But these days when I come (a few times a year) I still here a little voice in my head that says ‘you should go be cultural, you need to go to a show, to the galleries and do new things’. But you know what? The thing I most love to do in New York is wander the streets, sit in cafes, go to yoga and the markets, have dinner with friends and hang out in bookstores. There is something magical about the energy here that makes me want to expand my mind and create stuff. To read. To write. To just be with the energy of the people and the city. And most of all, when I am here I want to dream. Dream big.

I used to judge myself a lot for who I am and what I want, just like many of us do – let’s face it, we judge ourselves on just about everything. But this trip, walking around today, listening to podacasts and having a great time, I thought, enough of that crap. Why not just accept that this is what I love to do? Why is that an issue? Sure other people might think that it’s really boring, or unadventurous, or something I could do in any other city, but for me it’s just fabulous. It’s quite magical actually.

So my conclusion today is a thought about knowing yourself.  It’s all about knowing who I am and what makes me happy. Why is this important? What does it matter? Because it flows into everything I do. And everything you do too.

Knowing who you are, what is important to you, what makes you happy and as I asked in my last post, what moves you, is key to unlocking your happiness and more specifically, unlocking your contentment and joy. That peace of mind with who you are right now and what you want to do, for yourself.

So know who you are. Accept that. And make that the only thing that matters.

Now, off to a talk with Gabby Bernstein. Another thing that makes me happy and makes my soul sing.

Until next time

Megan xo

Image: Woman on park bench, NY 1957 by Yale Joel


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