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Make joy your compass

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What is the compass that directs your life? Is it success, money, career objectives, family goals? For many of us, these things are tangible, we can quantify them, see how to achieve them. But think about this for a moment: What if your compass was joy? Would you know where to start if your goal list was centered on how much joy you had in your life? If experiencing joy was the director of your day, what would your day look like?

It’s a great question, because if you’re anything like me, this can make you scratch your head a little. Well, it used to anyway, before I made joy one of my absolute main priorities. First I had to work out where the joy was in my life. It was a pretty stark realisation when I discovered that really, on a day to day basis, there wasn’t a lot of joy to be found. There were a lot of work goals, parenting responsibilities, business and financial commitments, but joy? It rarely got a look in.

I had to go on a journey to first discover what actually brought me joy, and then to make space for it and cultivate it in my life. I’m not going to lie – it took some effort at first. When you have endless commitments it can be really challenging to carve out that time in your day for the moments of joy you are tying to ignite. It gets easier once you know what they are and have created habits around them. But to start? It was a little tough.

You may already know what fills your life with joy and be living a joyful life. I hope that’s the case. If it’s not, then I invite you to sit with where your joy comes from, or where it could come from if you are lacking right now. And to think about the question that if joy was the compass of your life, what would your life actually look like. More importantly, what would it feel like?

For me, I find joy in the simple practices in my life: my morning yoga and meditation practice; sageing my crystals and sacred spaces before stepping onto my mat at dawn; walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean; the perfectly blended green smoothie; quiet time with a soulful book and a cup of tea; writing one of those sentences that make you smile at the craft that is art; Sunday morning sleep ins with time just to lay in bed and daydream; watching my son all lit up and excited about something; putting a blend of essential oils in my diffuser; witnessing a client have a breakthrough moment; family time; feeling peaceful; having fresh flowers in my home; clean space.

For me, joy is in the simplicity of life, of moments noticed and experienced with gratitude. This is my compass. What would yours look like?


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