Making time for sh*t that matters Making time for sh*t that matters Making time for sh*t that matters

Making time for sh*t that matters

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I was on a call with a dear friend the other day and we were bemoaning the fact that it had been sooooooo long in between catch ups. We have known each other for more than a decade, and I think this had been the longest we had gone without actually speaking. As I listened to her voice and we laughed about the silliest things, I said to her with such conviction “girl, we have to make time for the sh*t that matters”. After she laughed, she instantly said “now that’s a great book title, or at least you have to write a blog about that!”.

And so here we are.

It’s so true right? Even when you are really clear on what matters, you know what your priorities are, you can name your top three things that are important right now, and all the other stuff we know, it can still be really freakin’ hard to make time for stuff we know we should be making time for. The stuff that energizes us. Or soothes us. Or inspires us. Or connects us.

I have been in this space a little bit over the past month. I have a business I love that fills with me so much joy, and I get to serve so many amazing people through my strategy and coaching practice, my leadership development programs and speaking gigs. And many of you know I am also working on a new book, and have a PhD that will pick up again in September that I can’t stop thinking about (more on that another time). This booming business has seen me all over the place since February, speaking and coaching. Add to that being a single Mum to an incredible 14 year old, who has his own crazy schedule with school and seemingly-pro-level sporting commitments (at least it feels like that), and some important things can feel like they are just out of your reach – at least for a while anyway.

I have been reflecting on this recently and it has given me reason to pause and refocus. I thought you may also relate and sometimes find yourself in the same spot. So here are a few things for you to think about as you go about your week – questions mostly – so that you can ensure you are making time for the sh*t that matters in your life.

Four things to think about

How are your relationships? Often our loved ones get the scraps of us instead of the juicy bits. They get the tired, the cranky, the flat out over it parts – and we wonder why our relationships, the things that researchers have determined matter more than anything else in the world for our happiness, suffer. We all need to make the time, and create the sacred space, for those who add positive energy and love to our lives. Who do you need to create time for over the next few weeks? Send an email, pick up the phone or make a date today.

Where’s the joy? A theme that has been coming up with a few of my clients lately is the lack of sheer moments of joy in their busy days. You don’t have to feel joyful all day, but it’s really important to have moments of it so you can feel happy, healthy and hopeful. For me they include my morning ocean swim, rare kisses on my boy’s cheek (he is a teenager after all), meditation practice and a few dabs of essential oils throughout my day. Where are your moments of joy? Write them down and embed them every day so you always have moments that light you up.

Are you doing what you love? Something else that can slip in the busyness of real life, are the things that really set our soul on fire. For me lately this has been my writing practice. When I don’t write, and when I don’t connect through my writing, I don’t feel like myself. So this weekend, I spent about five hours working on my new book, today I am writing this post, tomorrow it will the book again. And I feel whole again. What are you missing that you love to do? Where can you fit it in this week? It can be ten minutes, but get it in somewhere so you feel like yourself again.

Are you feeling well? Of course the other golden ticket that slips when we get all caught up in our lives is our wellbeing. Making ourselves a priority can be a struggle at times, even for those of us who should know so much better (yes, like the ones with the Masters of Wellness degrees, guilty). How have you been feeling lately? Are you getting your 8 hours sleep? Drinking your greens? Taking your vitamins? Working out in a way that nurtures you? Take stock and check in to see how you truly feel in your body and spirit. What are three things you can do over the next week to give yourself a nourishing health boost? Write them down and put them in your calendar today.

We are all busy. It’s become an epidemic that has taken over our lives. But we are in charge. We are busy with what we said yes to. And we can slow it down, craft it differently, and make time for the stuff that really, truly matters to us and to those we love. Because at the end of the day, we are the only ones who can.

Until next time

You’ve got this.

Megan x


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