March Round Up: Blocking possibilities, podcasts and writing… March Round Up: Blocking possibilities, podcasts and writing… March Round Up: Blocking possibilities, podcasts and writing…

March Round Up: Blocking possibilities, podcasts and writing…


Hey there. So usually when I do my roundup I moan about how fast the past month has just gone. But not this time. Is it just me, or did March feel like it went on for six months?

I was in the midst of a major relaunch of The Career Toolkit, plus the usual speaking gigs, coaching wonderful clients and thinking about my next book – but it kind of went sloooooooowly for me – far too much in there and a much too frantic pace.

I know what I wasn’t alone in was some of the funky energy that was around in March. So many of my friends, colleagues and clients were feeling it. Perhaps you were too. April is already feeling much smoother. I have cleared some space by saying no to a bunch of stuff and taking some business things off the table (super hard to do but necessary) so I can get back some sense of balanced rhythm. As I said, feeling better already.

So here is the roundup for March.  But before I get to that I want to let you know about two super exciting things that have just gone live on my site.

The first is the next round of my six month women’s group coaching program, Journey Into The Sacred Feminine. I am currently running this amazing program and the experience for the women in the circle is just incredible. To give you a taste, we work together for six months with an opening full day retreat, monthly evening group circles, one-on-one coaching, teaching materials, guest interviews and a closing full day retreat. It is more magical than I could have hoped for. I have just opened registration for June intake, so if you are interested, please read the program overview and email me to set up a 15 minute call to discuss if this is a good fit for you. Ten places only. The retreats and circles are in Sydney, the coaching can be done remotely. I’d love you to join us if you feel so called.

The second thing I am busting at the seams about is my Byron Bay Writers Retreat taking place in August. I have been asked by my community to run a writers retreat for the past four years, and it hasn’t been the right time. But now it is! We will be together for 5 days and 4 nights in my second home that is Byron. Daily writing workshops, one-on-one coaching, organic meals by our local chef, yoga and meditation, beach walks, and all things writing writing writing. You might be a blogger who wants to write a book, you could be already dreaming about your book, or perhaps even on to your second one. Or, you may just have a dream about writing something but don’t know where to start. Wherever you are at, I’ve got you. It’s gonna be amazing. Check it out here. I quietly released this yesterday and two places were taken overnight. So please don’t wait to get in touch.

Lastly, I am heading to Byron to work on book number 3 (!) in May and am going to open up a few face to face coaching slots for people who want to work with me locally. If you are from up North (or want an excuse to head to Byron) and want some coaching on your business, career, creativity or life, please email me at [email protected] I will have about 5 places available the week of May 15th and would love to support you if we are a good fit.


Listen to these fascinating conversations….

OK now onto the roundup.  A little different this month, I’m sharing a bunch of podcasts I was interviewed on for your listening pleasure! These were all amazing and very different conversations with incredible women, so I hope you enjoy them.

The Priestess Podcast with Julie Parker

Love Sex Desire with Susana Frioni 

Hot and Healthy with Nicole Van Hattem


Latest from my site…..

On my podcast last month I spoke with Dr Adam Fraser about why men need to involved in the diversity conversation, and what happens when they do.

And on my blog, this article went live yesterday (it’s a goodie) on how and why you might be blocking possibilities in your life and what to do about it.

Lot’s of cool stuff coming up in the next few months. Of most note, I am into book number three which looks like it will be out in April 2018…..currently in publishing talks…….so I will keep you posted!

Have an amazing month. And please drop me a note from time to time by just responding to this email (if you’re on my email list) or by emailing [email protected] I’d love to know how you are going, what is on your mind, and what you would like me to write about, talk about, or publish more of. Really, I just love to connect.

Thanks for being here.

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