Mindset hack: Where are you winning? Mindset hack: Where are you winning? Mindset hack: Where are you winning?

Mindset hack: Where are you winning?


Where does your mind go when you are busy, or having a big week, or just in the rush of a normal day: to what’s working, or to everything that’s going wrong?

When you look for the signs that you are being ‘successful’ at work or life, what do you look for: the big moments, or the small victories?

And just when do you celebrate those successes that you notice? Do you even celebrate them, or do they just whiz past in the busyness of your life?

Here’s a mindset hack that works.

Look for the small things. The little moments. The tiny wins that when you notice them and acknowledge them can make you feel like you really are making progress, not just wading through mud whilst trying not to sink.

I’ve been traveling a bit and speaking a lot these past weeks. This is a Facebook post I made last week after finishing up two packed days of events, rushing to the airport and just making my check in:

Small wins = big gratitude. After two days of big speaking gigs including eight hours of workshops today, rushing to the airport and making the bag drop with about two seconds to spare. Grateful. Having time to change into my sneakers before checking my bag. Grateful. Then finding out on an over booked flight I have been magically moved from the very last row to near the front. Grateful. It’s in the small moment sometimes. Oh, and having a Netflix episode downloaded on my phone as my kid showed me that that’s a thing now. Grateful. Feel like I’m winning ❤️

As I said, it’s the little things. The small wins. Making the check in. A seat move. Having a show to watch on my iPhone. Having a car waiting at the other end at 11.oopm when I was bone tired. The nice woman who sat next to me. The decent in flight meal. The text from my Mom checking I got home ok. The event organiser who told me I had received perfect scores for my workshop the week before. That I made my smoothie and put it in a flask so I had nourishment at my event. The woman who came up to me after a three hour workshop in tears because something had shifted for her. Sleeping in my bed after traveling. The slight sleep in the morning after. All of it.

The small moments add up. The days of noticing these tiny wins end up accumulating into a week of feeling pretty good about the events that passed. It beats the alternative. Looking out for every small defeat or frustration as another indication that your life sucks and that it’s all too hard. That it’s so very stressful. I used to live in that place. Trust me when I say that there is no joy there.

Life happens. Sometimes we don’t get to choose how we show up as events can overwhelm us and we just have to ride that wave. But most days, we get to choose our mindset, what we notice and what we acknowledge. I don’t always get it right, in fact, I often get it wrong. But last week, even amongst the crazy, I for sure felt like I was winning. And this week, I’ll try it again and look for the small wins, what I have to be grateful for and staying in the moment of what’s working, no matter how tiny that moment is.

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