My new meditation….it’s not what you think. My new meditation….it’s not what you think. My new meditation….it’s not what you think.

My new meditation….it’s not what you think.

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Do you have trouble meditating? Will you sometimes do anything to stop from having to actually sit down, close your eyes and breathe? 

I’m with you. Not all the time, but many days it is the very last thing I feel like doing. But I also know that it’s one of the healthiest, most kind and loving things I can do for myself, especially in crazy busy times (and let’s face it, aren’t they all).

There are so many different forms of meditating, not just sitting on your cushion or yoga mat. You can run, walk, hug a tree, float in the ocean, watch a candle flicker, listen to Tibetan bowls or monks singing mantras or you can just sit and watch the world go by. They are all forms of meditation that will give you the benefits for sure.

Or, you can paint. And more specifically, you can paint mandalas.

I have long been in love with mandalas (Sanskrit for circle). For centuries, those seeking a sense of unity with the world around them have used mandalas to unlock the mysteries of the subconscious. A mandala is a geometric design that represents the universe and circle of life. Buddhist monks use mandalas to help them meditate, focus and connect. Christians use them, Hindus use them to connect with the spiritual world.

It is said that colouring in a mandala will help you increase your creativity, relieve stress, and find a sense of balance. It is a soothing act, it’s easy and as you are focusing on the colouring and not problem solving or worrying, it leaves your mind free to focus on the mandala and the thoughts that the calming and repetitive nature of colouring or painting the circle brings to mind.

And it’s a creative process. You can use crayons, pencils, textas, or my favourite, water colour paints. Choose the colours that most appeal to you at the time. My current obsession is orange. No surprise really when I have been spending time grounding down into my solar plexus chakra with all of this crazy moon energy going on at the moment. I can’t get enough orange; sweet potato and carrot soup, earthy fresh juices, and lots and lots of orange paint.

Want to give it a try for yourself? There are some great mandala colouring books available online. I bought mine on Amazon, but you can get them anywhere. My favourite one at the moment is The Big Book of Mandalas Coloring Book. And it looks like this – 



So grab yourself a book, get some paints or pencils and get colouring. I am working on my next book at the moment, and when I need a hint of inspiration and I am not sure what comes next, I pause my writing, pick up my paintbrush which sits beside my laptop at home, and start painting. I typically find that after a couple of strokes the next writing thought pops into my head. You can use this tool when you are designing business strategy, working on a  sales pitch, designing a client brief, or just when you are stressed out and need a break. Even 2 minutes I find can have a profound effect.

Get creating, get painting, get calm, and enjoy yourself. It could be just the little tip you need to bring some peace into your busy days.

Until next time

You’ve got this.

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Mandala image credit: found on Etsy here.

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