New Year Love Note #1: Surrender New Year Love Note #1: Surrender New Year Love Note #1: Surrender

New Year Love Note #1: Surrender


Hey loves. Happy New Year. It’s New Years Day as I write this. I have just come home from a few hours at the beach, walking, swimming, releasing, setting intentions. I stayed home last night. Dropped my 16 year old at his friends for a party (a ‘gatho’ in teenage terms) and came home and chilled out. I wanted to be fresh for today, to get up at 7am and go to the beach for quiet time. To start out as I want to go through this year; clear, calm, fluid and intentional.

Last night, after I dropped Luca to his friends, I headed to the beach to reflect on the year that had been. I had some thoughts about what worked and what didn’t. What I was proud of and what I wasn’t. What I wanted to leave behind and what I wanted to take forward.

But I also felt this building sense of pressure. And not just pressure on me, but the collective pressure we can all feel at this time of year. And the inner dialogue that can go with it. Did I release enough? Reflect enough? Did I get the lessons I was supposed to get? If I didn’t, will I make all the same mistakes again and again? Oh my God am I even doing this right? And am I ready for the clean slate that comes with a New Year? What if I screw it all up and ruin it before it even starts?

And then there was this: Oh FFS I wanted the house to be, you know, like CLEAN before the new year. That Xmas tree is almost dead and still in the lounge room. The ironing isn’t done (never is). Why didn’t my kid clean his room like I asked, it looks like a pig pen in there. I haven’t taken everything off my vision board yet. My office is a tip, I can’t possibly start the new year in that mess. The new year is going to look just like the old year, starting with crap everywhere. I wanted it to be perfect. Oh well, guess it will be all the same again (sigh, expletive, more sighing). 

Am I crazy or does any of this sound familiar to you?

So, I’m still standing on the beach. After a few minutes of inner ranting I could see this was going nowhere good, so I made a conscious effort to stop these whirring thoughts in my head. I grounded myself, stood there and breathed. I created some space and became present in the moment.

And the thought that started coming up was this: Surrender.

And then this: Release.

Over and over and over again.

Surrender. Release.

I am listening to the audiobook of The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer at the moment. It’s about his extraordinary life journey and spiritual path of surrendering to what life puts in front of him regardless of his personal preferences. It really is extraordinary.

Lot’s of life lessons in there my friends.

For me it’s about surrendering my ego’s plans for what I think I should be doing, where I should be going, what my big grand plans are and realising that there is a plan that is much greater and more magical than I could ever realise if I would just surrender to it. I can find this space quite easily, but I can also get strapped back in to my need to make everything happen and hustle more than I would like. I want to stay in surrender more often. In fact, I want to live there.

It’s also about the release. Release the need to control. Release the striving. Release the driving. Release having to know what the answers are. Release having to know how the story ends. And the big one – release attachment to the outcome. Any outcome. And just be with the process and what life puts in front of me.

This is how I am entering the new year. It’s a scary thought and place. But I know it get’s easier with practice. With meditation. With more yoga. And journaling. And just breathing.

And there is a thought in here for you too.

As you step in to this new year, perhaps filled with some of the pressure to ‘get it right’ and make all your plans and goals and resolutions, I offer you this:

Please go gently with yourself. Please ease up on any expectations you have for what the start of your year ‘should’ look or feel like. Please give yourself some space to just be with what is, not what you think should be.

And perhaps, like me, just surrender a little bit into what could be possible if you released your ego’s need to control and plan and expect and want.

That doesn’t mean we don’t dream about all that can be possible for our year. It doesn’t mean we don’t have hopes and that we don’t create a path to realise them. I will be doing my journaling, and creating new vision boards filled with what I would love to create, people who inspire me who I would love to work with, inspiring images and quotes and a house with a pool I would love.

But whilst I create and vision and dream, I will be surrendering to the possibilities, not remaining attached to the outcomes. I will be releasing the need to micro manage any particular step or pathway, and instead be open to what shows up. And I will be finding the flow, and releasing the hustle.

So ease up on yourself. Take the pressure off. Find the grace in the start of this new year freshly filled with possibilities.

And know that no matter what comes this year, you are right where you are meant to be. You are perfectly imperfect. And you are enough for a thousand lifetimes. Surrender into that thought. And perhaps live there for a while.

Wishing you a magical year that is everything your soul needs it to be.

Thanks for being here.


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