New Year Love Note #4: Permission New Year Love Note #4: Permission New Year Love Note #4: Permission

New Year Love Note #4: Permission


On the weekend, I hosted one of my rare and wonderful See What’s Possible full day retreats at my home in Sydney. It is a truly unique and beautiful experience, both for me and for the women who attend. In fact, it’s kind of life changing. One of the truths we uncover during the day, and a reason for it’s magic, is the focus of today’s musing for you.

Today’s final love note covers what I know to be one of the most critical pieces of this series (Surrender, Declare, Commit) and that is on Permission. In each retreat I do, in every event I speak at, with every client I coach, the challenge we as women face around giving ourselves permission is right at the heart of our ability to be grounded in our feminine power.

To have the relationships we want the way we want them. To have agency over our careers. To be in charge of our own lives.

It is essential. Primary. And it changes everything.

As you engage in 2017, my dream for you is that this is the year that you fully step into your power. The year that you decide for yourself who you will be, what you will do, how you will show up. The year that you rise.

As we have seen over the weekend all over the world (around 5 million people marching in 673 gatherings worldwide), women are rising in the millions to declare the type of world we want to live in, what is and is not acceptable, and how love will win over fear. And we have seen, from feet on the streets, gatherings in lounge rooms, posts online and words on the placards raised high in the marches, how we will not be silenced, disrespected or mistreated any longer. We have stepped collectively into a new women’s movement, a new world movement where men, women and children join together in unity for equality and peace for all.

But there is inner work to be done as well. It’s time for all of us as women to embody that rising. To feel the power of that collective energy. To stop silencing, disrespecting or mistreating ourselves. To give ourselves – for you to give yourself – permission to rise.

Permission to:

Be yourself

Be fiercely honest

Own your power

Want what you want

Bring your vision to life

Embrace your uniqueness

Stop questioning yourself

Speak your truth

Honour what is most important

Focus on the sacred

And to give yourself permission for anything you have been craving or dreaming about: to quit your job, start your business, write your book, make your art, take the trip, sell the house, ditch the boyfriend, embrace your sexuality, go on sabbatical, speak up in meetings, go for the promotion, do your PhD, give all your belongings to charity, become a yoga teacher, paint your walls red, dye your hair pink, get the tattoo, become a vegan, move to India…..whatever you WANT.

Give yourself permission.

This is your year.

This is your time.

It’s right now.

Stop playing around the edges of your life. 

Stop being half assed about what you really want to do.

Give yourself the permission you have been seeking from others.

Give it to yourself.

Right here, right now. With a sense of urgency and intent that will surprise, energise and delight you.

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time.

And I KNOW you’ve got this.

With the deepest love and respect for what I know is possible for you.

Megan xo

I hope you have enjoyed this series to kick off the new year and that is has supported and served you.

Want to go deeper? Welcome to the circle.

If you are looking to truly step into your feminine power this year, then I invite you to consider joining my Journey Into The Sacred Feminine program. Starting in February, this is a six month women’s group coaching program where we join together both face to face and virtually to unlock what you truly want, uncover and remove any blockages that are holding you back, and where you are fully supported in every way to create the life you long for. With sacred teachings, full day retreats, women’s circles, individual coaching and guest teachers, it will be deep, transformative and life changing. Read all of the information here. There are only two places left in the sacred circle and this is an invitation only program. I urge you to reach out to [email protected] to set up a call with me if you would like to apply to join us. If you feel the call, don’t question it. Follow it.

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