November Roundup: Live events, what I’m loving & monthly musings November Roundup: Live events, what I’m loving & monthly musings November Roundup: Live events, what I’m loving & monthly musings

November Roundup: Live events, what I’m loving & monthly musings

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Hey hey! Hello December. One of my favorite months of the year. My kid is home from school for 8 weeks, I’m wrapping things up with my amazing clients, taking a break from speaking gigs, planning and prepping for 2017 and getting ready for Christmas and my January Byron break.

Lot’s of time for family and friends, chilling at the beach, and some fun and restoration.  The work doesn’t really ever stop when you run your own business, but I put the brakes on everything other than writing for about four weeks so I can refresh. I literally cannot wait! Before we get to the roundup this month, I want to share some super exciting news with you.

MDC Events Are Now Live

We have just launched our new events site with fabulous soirees announced for the new year. Every time I speak at an event (like, every week) I get asked if I host my own events, and where women can come and engage with my community (and often, where can women bring their daughters to hear me speak).

So after much planning and discussion with my team, we have decided that next year we will host more MDC events, so I have the opportunity to spend time with this beautiful community and support you in greater ways. I think we are all craving face to face time and be part of an active community of women. So we are doing it!

On the site, you will see these events just released for January and February:

See What’s Possible full day retreat in Sydney  My signature retreat day is an incredible experience, deeply fulfilling with both inspiration and action. It is held at my home in Mosman, Sydney and is super intimate with only ten places available. Get in quick for this one, it will book out fast.

See What’s Possible evening talk in Sydney My first public evening event which we are super stoked about. Bring your friends, your mum and your daughters. We will get you ready for your best year yet with an inspirational talk as well as resources, tips and strategies to create a year you will love.

Journey into the Sacred Feminine – 6 month intensive group coaching program which will be deeply transformative and life changing. If you’re ready for true change in your life, join me here in this women’s circle. Feel free to set up a call with me to discuss your questions (only 5 places left)

I’d love you to join me for these very special events. Small groups of women coming together to commune, share, learn, and support each other is one of the most powerful tools for positive change and personal growth. I hope to connect with you through these events and programs in the New Year.


In case you missed it on the blog

Even if you failed…..what then?

Feeling a little frazzled? This may help.

Can you be vulnerable at work?

The relationship that can make your career

Inside my 60 day cleanse

And on the Podcast this month, I had a soulful conversation with Julie Parker on heart-centered living which you will not want to miss. You can listen direct on the website, or on iTunes.


Update on my cleanse

Day 45 of 60. I’m feeling mostly great and energised. Keeping it real, there have for sure been days over the past few weeks where my energy has left me and it’s been tough. But mostly, this vegan, green juicing, plant based way of eating is crazy good.

So good in fact that I have decided I will continue past the 60 days. I will have Christmas Day off, because you know, champagne and turkey (obviously), and then get back on the plan. I will add in some more fish when I feel like it, but other than that, alternating juice/smoothie/soup days with a plant based vegan day is working well for my system.

And yes, for those who are following my progress, I’m not only feeling great, but my skin is super clear, my mind is sharp and I have lost about 15 pounds (7 kgs). Not too shabby. When you can put those jeans on that haven’t been past your knees in way too long, you feel pretty darn good about the progress. Although this was a driver of the cleanse, it has become a distant second to the feeling of health that has come with the process.

Good feeling. Thanks for the support and interest for those following along. I will get some recipes and tips up on the site in the new year for you all. In the meantime, check out my Insta feed for inspo.


What I’m loving right now

Listening to: The Rich Roll podcast

Reading: Change Me Prayers by Tosha Silver

Watching: Arrow on Netflix (ok, not watching, bingeing)

Fav smoothie – coconut water, vegan protein powder, raw cacao, nut butter, banana, ice

Fav juice – green apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, mint, ginger, squeeze lemon

Making – mini water colour art works (check out my Insta feed)

Loving – my new silk kaftans for easy Summer dressing (and just a little bit glam)

Dreaming about – Byron in January, more painting, my next book and having a #summeroffun

In my diffuser – peppermint, lavender, rosemary. For me it’s always DoTerra oils. Create an account in December , get wholesale prices, and receive a free bottle of Frankincense valued at $114. Email me at [email protected] if you have questions.

That’s it for now.

Stay tuned next week for the release of my 2017 Possibility Planner, your free guide and workbook for reflecting on and releasing 2016, and visioning and planning for your best year yet in 2017. It goes live next week. And it’s completely free!

AND we release our new resources section on my site next week, with more than 30 free downloadable resources to inspire you and help you create exactly what you long for. Don’t miss that next week.

Keep breathing in this busy time of year. Stay focussed on what matters most, remove things from your to do list that don’t absolutely need to be there, and hug those close to you.

You matter. And I’m so blessed to have you as part of this beautiful community of women. Thanks for being here.


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