October Roundup (+ what happens when you meet your heroine) October Roundup (+ what happens when you meet your heroine) October Roundup (+ what happens when you meet your heroine)

October Roundup (+ what happens when you meet your heroine)


So I’m not even going to comment on the fact that it was Halloween yesterday which means it’s November. If I did I would have to say something like “Wtf, where did the last month go?”. But I’m a lady, so I won’t do that….(insert wry smile here).

I’ve been all over the place this month, speaking across the country, and I also had a quick trip over to San Francisco for the Emerging Women Live event. I thought this month, as well as sharing the monthly site wrap up, I would share a few brief snippets and takeaways from three of my favourite speakers at the event, along with some links to their work in case you feel inspired to go deeper (as well as my reflections on my major personal moment from the conference). Oh, and read all the way to the bottom for a special chance to work with me in November.

But first, here’s what we published on the site this month in case you missed any of it….

On the site in October

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And on the Podcast this month, I interviewed my Hay House sister Rebecca Campbell on her stunning new book Rise Sister Rise – we went deep on all things about women rising, the divine feminine, being a woman in a modern world, and lots of juicy goodness. You can listen direct on the website, or on iTunes.

Emerging Women Live

I have been planning to go to this event since the first one back in 2013, so I when I woke up one morning two weeks before the event with a strong urge to go, I booked a ticket and went. Because you need to trust that inner guidance you know.

Here are my three top speaker highlights.

Azure Antoinette – Poet, serial creative, speaker, extraordinary soul. She’s been named the  “the Maya Angelou of the Millennial generation,” Oprah loves her, and I was completely enthralled by her key note, her workshop I attended, connecting with her about potentially working together, and just her big, beautiful, raw, honest heart. And I was completely rocked by the sheer awesomeness of her talent. Here is Pulse, her spoken word poetry after the Orlando shootings which she played as part of her keynote – warning, this may contain triggers for people about gun violence in America. For those who love a true artist, you will adore her.

Anne Lamott – one of the most famed writers around – Pulitzer and all – this woman is funny, witty, sharp and more than a little quirky (and I love quirky). I loved how she talked about the fact that she hates to sit down to write and that her trick is to just get started. For all us writers here (or those of you secretly longing to be), when you hear one of the greats say that, it makes you feel just a tiny bit better about your process! If you haven’t read any of her work, try Bird by Bird as a starter.

Elle Luna – I wrote about Elle’s new book The Crossroads of Should and Must last month, which is a creative masterpiece visually as well as insightfully written. Her keynote was beautiful. I urge you to consider the ‘shoulds’ in your life, and where your ‘must’ might be trying to lead you. I write a lot about this on my site – where to find purpose, passion, meaning, callings, finding the joy, and creating space for what matters most – and they are some of the greatest questions we can ask ourselves to live a life of meaning. For Elle this journey started with her published article on medium.com, which quickly went viral and lead to the book. You can read the article here – and read her book. Get it in your hands physically. It’s a gift.

And then there was THIS: my absolute event highlight….

Marianne Williamson – Even though I have seen Marianne in Australia for a full day workshop, she was one of the reasons I booked my ticket. Since receiving her first book, A Return To Love, as a gift when I ill with chronic fatigue syndrome when I was 21, she has been my foremost spiritual teacher. Her second book A Woman’s Worth is perhaps my favorite book of all time.

Marianne gave a keynote at the event that was a call to action for us all to wake up to the current events of the world, to step into our power as women, and to help change the world. My kind of messages.

I finally got to meet Marianne at the book signing. As you may have read on my social media feeds, it was a pretty incredible moment for me. When I walked up to the table to speak to her, she took my hands in hers and I started crying. Not just a few little tears type of crying. But big-gulping-can’t-stop-yourself-sobs type of crying. I was mortified.

She smiled at me with great love until I could find my words. I handed her my original copy of A Woman’s Worth for her to sign, which she did, as I told her how much her work has impacted me and shaped not just my work in the world, but the woman I am.

We had a beautifully intimate moment. I then handed her a copy of Lead Like A Woman, in which I write about her in the acknowledgements, and she thanked me and took the book. I floated away from the signing table, grateful for the moment we had shared.

And I thought that was that. And that was freakin’ awesome.

Thirty minutes later I’m standing in the hotel lobby saying goodbye to some women I had met, when I turn around and Marianne is walking straight toward me. She grabs my hand and asks, “When did your book come out?”. I reply, “In July” slightly stunned. “Right” she says with some urgency, “I must read it.” Then, another hand squeeze, and she is gone.

I’m looking around me, incredulous, that I had not only met her, but had two wonderful conversations where we really connected. This woman who has influenced my work and my life so greatly. I left the hotel walking up the street in San Francisco laughing out loud to myself, and saying “Wtf just happened”, giddy like a school girl.

Yes, this is what happens when you meet one of your real life heroines. Surreal. Crazy. And so very grateful.

Pretty cool right?

So that wraps up my October. As for November? Well I have just started a 60 day cleanse, leading me right up until Dec 25th. One day juicing, the next day mostly vegan with loads of micro nutrients, salads, veggies and whole food goodness – then alternate days (three animal protein serves a week). You can follow me along on Instagram to see my food glories and struggles. It should be interesting. I am on Day Five which is a juicing day, so wish me luck!

I hope you are well and happy, and greeting this new month filled with possibility and a whole lot of grace. As always, I love to hear from you, so feel free to drop me a note. I reply to every single one.

Much love

P.S My coaching books are pretty much closed until March/April of 2017. However I am opening up two days in my calendar in November for special Powershot sessions just for women in my community. If you have are struggling with something or have a burning issue that you want to clear before year end, then spend 90 minutes with me on the phone or in person and watch things shift more than you could ever imagine. Email [email protected] if you would like the details. There are only 8 spots available in November so jump in and let us know if you are ready to get unstuck. I’d love to help you.

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