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WLW 016 Dr. Adam Fraser on The Importance of Diversity

Are you ready for a refreshing conversation about the importance of diversity that we don’t often get to hear? For too long now, the conversations around gender parity and diversity have largely been held by women and we don’t often hear from the men in this space who are standing with us and working alongside us to increase diversity for the benefit of all of us. In this conversation I talk with Dr. Adam Fraser about his work as an advocate for women as well as his area of expertise, which ...


WLW 015 Dr. Ezzie Spencer on Living an Abundant Life

Do you feel connected to your body and to your natural rhythms? Do you flow easily between your masculine and feminine energies, with periods of time of intense activity and equal amounts of time for rest and restoration? Or does your life feel a little off balance (or maybe even a lot)? Do you feel as though you are pushing and striving and feeling exhausted by the daily grind? If the latter is true, then this conversation with Dr. Ezzie Spencer is for you. Dr Ezzie Spencer is a beautiful ...


WLW 014: Avril Henry on The Truth About Gender Parity

If you love real, honest and though-provoking discussion about the issues that are really affecting women in the workplace today, and not just a rehash of the same, tired conversations that aren’t really moving us forward, then you are going to love this interview with Avril Henry. Avril is a game changer who tells it like it is. She’s a dear friend and respected colleague of mine who’s been making waves in the leadership and diversity space for decades. Avril is committed to ...


WLW 013: Julie Parker on Heart-Centered Living

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be able to live and lead from your heart, and fully embrace your feminine qualities in business and in life, then this episode with Julie Parker is for you. Julie Parker is the CEO and founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains and supports heart-centered people to bring their talents into the world as life coaches. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Inspired Coach magazine, a published author, and an in-demand speaker. She ...


WLW 012: Rebecca Campbell on The Rising Feminine

For those of you who loved my first conversation with Rebecca Campbell, I’m so excited to be able to share with you Part 2 of my conversation with my beautiful, wise and gifted friend. Rebecca is a best selling author, inspirational motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, grounded spiritual mentor and practical intuitive guide. Following the success of her first book Light Is The New Black, Rebecca has just released her second book Rise Sister Rise: A Guide To Releasing The Wise, Wild ...



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