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Annalie Killian

“Megan commands your attention from the moment she starts speaking until she ends. Why? Because she confronts brutal truths in a way that empowers the audience with choice instead of paralyzing them with fear. She shares authentic personal experiences and offers solutions that simply make sense; backed-up not by a few selective facts, but a body of research that is confounding, persuasive and builds an undeniable case for change. She is a champion for workplace change based on gender-inclusivity rather than the divisive rhetoric of ineffective feminists. As a consequence, young people who no longer see the world divided between men and women, find her message especially inspirational. Executives and leaders find her strategies, grounded in deep corporate experience, compelling. Megan Dalla-Camina is the voice of now.”
Annalie Killian, Founder and Curator, Amplify Festival


“We approached Megan to develop an interactive, strengths-based workshop for the BritishAmerican Business London team. The primary aim of the workshop was to identify and leverage both individual and team strengths, in order to build employee engagement and support our business development efforts. Megan provided us with a day of engaging and interesting content grounded in science, supplemented with high quality workshop materials. The team demonstrably enjoyed participating in Megan’s workshop and have continued to reference and implement key concepts from the day. The team at BritishAmerican Business have benefited greatly from Megan’s insight and experience, and I highly recommend Megan’s services.”
Jefferies Briginshaw, CEO of BritishAmerican Business
“With my own corporate career spanning 25 years, I thought I’d learned everything I needed to know about career management. Turns out I was wrong! Way wrong. Combining experience from her own stellar career and knowledge from her work with both private coaching clients and corporations, Megan Dalla-Camina has applied her trademark holistic approach to create a compelling new career toolkit to enhance the lives of women who are looking for more than just a job. I have to tell you that I could not stop listening to the audio lessons – they offered insight after insight and practical tips that I could put in place straight away. And the bonuses are fabulous, again covering a broad range of topics from health and wellbeing to productivity. This is easily the best career management tool I’ve ever come across and is definitely worth the investment. Thank you Megan for creating such a valuable resource for women everywhere.”
Janelle Wehsack, Senior Manager, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
“Megan is one of the most strategic, creative, inspiring and hard working leaders I know. She is an exceptional speaker, coach and writer and any organization would be lucky to benefit from her incredible insight, vision and delivery.”
Michelle McQuaid, Positive Psychology Expert, Teacher & Writer
“Megan Dalla-Camina is an incredible coach who draws on her 18 years of international business experience to provide a variety of life and business coaching services. Megan’s insightful, knowledgeable, and very experienced in helping people in a variety of careers achieve greater success. In addition, Megan’s extensive knowledge of wellness and positive psychology mean that she’s perfectly placed to give guidance on personal wellbeing and work/life balance. I have benefited immensely from Megan’s guidance and wisdom since she has started coaching me- she constantly encourages, challenges and inspires me and I am always learning from our coaching sessions. If you’re looking for a coach to get you to the next level, look no further than Megan.”
Holly Ransom, CEO, Emergent and Speaker
“Megan is a remarkable woman with amazing energy and courage. She spoke at our women’s leadership development program, Great Leaders Are Made, about her leadership journey and provided practical advice to the participants for their leadership journey and how they can balance well being to enable a meaningful life and career. The participants found her to be inspiring, down to earth and engaging.”
Avril Henry, Managing Director, Avril Henry & Associates
Briony Liber
The Career Toolkit became part of my life at a time where I was seriously struggling with meaning and purpose and felt very isolated and lost in my career. In this program I am developing confidence and honesty with myself and others and am starting to have very brave conversations which include the words NO and “I need 24 hours to think about that and how it aligns with my goals and purpose” -these are words that have been almost unknown to me before. The thing that really excites me about this course though is how I have stepped up to owning what is right for me and am making time for my passions by cutting back my work hours and starting to live out loud again as opposed to crawling to the couch to hibernate. It’s so clear to me that the compilation of The Career Toolkit has been a labor of love. Megan thank you for this! I highly recommend The Career Toolkit.”
Briony Parsons, Partner and Principal Environmental Consultant
Justine Minne
“I was ready to take my leadership to the next level, to show up authentically and feel my contribution was value adding. I wasn’t sure how to go about this but I was fortunately referred to Megan and haven’t looked back. Her ability to draw out the best in my thoughts, abilities and potential is a ‘gift’! Megan has enabled me to be mindful, identify triggers that prevent me from being my whole self and the work we do allows me to continue to grow in all aspects of my life. I deeply appreciate everything that Megan has done with me and look forward to continue our work in the future.”
Justine Minne, Senior Manager Customer Voice, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
“Megan’s passion and fresh thinking provided an energizing backdrop to our corporate event. Her insights on leadership—particularly the type of leadership the world needs to really shift—were thought provoking and very human. Megan is accessible, an absolute breeze to deal with and an incredibly generous leader.”
Louise robinson photo
“I was attracted to Megan as a coach for her brilliant and rare mix of business leadership and strategy, with women’s wellbeing, writing and publishing experience. I wasn’t disappointed. Megan sees through the clutter and worries we bury ourselves in, helping you to discover what’s really in the way, while also encouraging you towards a bigger vision for yourself. Working with Megan is part master coaching, real world and pragmatic strategist, part intuitive and empathetic healing. I saw immediate results in re-prioritizing my business and writing goals, but more importantly, I felt so heard and supported by Megan that I was able to completely transform in a number of personal areas I hadn’t considered as well. I adored our sessions and am still in adoration of Megan herself. I’m indebted to Megan’s kindness, glowing inspiration and loving approach. Thank you, lovely Megan.”
Louise Robinson, Communications Expert
“I’m extremely excited and grateful to be a part of such an inspiring group of women. After working in the corporate world for 14 years slogging my guts out for what I thought was fulfilling my life purpose, I lost my job as a Sales and Marketing Director. I had no idea what to do as I was always defined by my career. After a series of taking any role that seemed suitable I started on my journey with the Career Toolkit and within the first week had more clarity then ever. I took action and I’m about to start a career in the industry I’ve always wanted to be in, health and fitness. I can already feel that the decision to start with the Career Toolkit and being guided by the fabulous Megan Dalla-Camina has made such a difference in my life”
Meghann Ashby, Business Manager and Trainer
Naomi Arnold
“Megan was exactly what my business and I needed this year. After an exciting first year of business and a shift in niche, I needed expertise and guidance from a business strategist to help me plan for an expansive and focussed second year. I wanted support from someone who would understand and feel passionate about my vision for my business and my mission moving forward. Megan was this person. She not only offered advice, guidance and the nudge I needed to amplify my business and message – but she left me with so many brilliant, practical and actionable insights and lessons that I’m still busy implementing them weeks after our final session! I look forward to working with Megan again in the future and would highly recommend her to those who want to take their business to the next level.”
Naomi Arnold, Business and Life Passion Coach
Kari Sutton
“I had heard wonderful things about Megan and wanted to find out more – I’m so glad I did. Megan’s ‘See What’s Possible day’ was absolutely brilliant! Megan helped me to gain clarity about my vision for key areas of my life and assisted me in identifying what success in those areas looked like for me – not what others wanted/ expected me to be. There were lots of practical tips and insights which helped me to gain clarity and take action where it was needed.”
Kari Sutton, Advisory visiting teacher
“I feel so truly blessed to have Megan as my coach, my role model and my soul sister on this journey. She has opened me up to owning my power and living my truth in a way that I didn’t realize was even possible. Megan holds the most beautiful space for me during our sessions, and in the weeks between I feel her love and support surrounding me always. It is a blessing that I am eternally grateful for.”
Rebecca Van Leeuwen, Founder of Soul Sister Circle
kate erlenbusch
“Thanks to Megan’s genius and compassion, I have dared to dream and uncovered my purpose. If you feel called to work with this woman, don’t hesitate. Working with Megan has been one of the best moves I’ve made.”
Kate Erlenbusch, Writer
Shani pearce
“After immersing myself in the modules of The Career Toolkit I feel so compelled to let you know how energized and renewed I feel working through this incredible course. I am rewinding and replaying your audio’s over and over to absorb it all like rain on a desert plain. Having been swimming in questions around purposeful path, with just a few days of immersion in your incredible Toolkit, the inspiration is welling up from within and warm, positive ideas and re-frames are surfacing like bubbles in champagne. This course is a priceless treat packed with wisdom and content that can only come from a rare wealth of true leadership experience. Thank you SO much (already)!”
Shani Pearce, Senior EA and business partner
nicola styles
“Megan is a highly engaging and entertaining speaker whose talk resonated so strongly with our audience of professional women. Whilst her story of career success was aspirational, she was also very real about the impacts this had on her life and the challenges she faced as a consequence. She was able to share some fantastic tools and insights from her book “Getting Real About Having It All” – which our audience absolutely loved. She delivered so much more than we asked and left everyone in the room feeling inspired and empowered to create success on their terms.”
Nicola Styles, Young Professional Women Australia
cassie-mendoza jones
“From offering her encouragement and guidance, to her life-changing little nudge to ‘just submit the proposal’, I’m so very grateful for Megan’s support through my publishing journey so far.”
Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Author, Kinesiologist & Naturopath
“I realised that I felt stuck with where my life was going and I needed clarity as to which direction to take and Megan would be the right coach for me. With heart, passion, humor, empathy and intuition, Megan listened deeply and asked me challenging questions to help me get to the core of what I truly wanted even if I didn’t think I knew the answers. Most importantly she got me to think about ‘the how’ something might come about rather than controlling the overwhelming ‘what I might need to do’ to make some big changes in my life. Megan kept me accountable with encouraging and inspiring support towards my goal of living my life on purpose. She also encouraged me to own my multi-passionate personality, reconnect with my passion and creativity, and incorporate them into my day-to-day life. She helped to keep me on track, focused and motivated.”
Danielle Street, Marketing Manager

Debbie spellman

“Before I worked with Megan I was in desperate need of strategy. I went from surviving to thriving by getting real about my patterns and changing my behavior. Megan gives you permission to be yourself. Her ability to identify your blocks whilst gently holding space for old paradigms to shift and dissolve is profound. Megan is one of those people whose character and authenticity shines through. Not only is she filled with insightful wisdom and vast experience both in life and career, her incredible skill of shining a light on the depths of your heart and drawing out your unique truth is invaluable.”
Debbie Spellman, Mind detox therapist
“I absolutely loved working with Megan. Her passion and knowledge of growing a business is amazing and I learnt so much from her. Megan provided lots of practical tips and insights which helped me to gain clarity and take action where it was needed.”
Rhiannon Colarossi, The Wellbeing Web
“During our coaching sessions Megan demonstrated a remarkable ability to direct my attention toward clarifying my life vision for key areas of my life with an emphasis on the identification of exactly what that vision looked like, how to remove any barriers to attaining that vision and, importantly, how to move forward in my journey. She really listened to my responses and provided me with a combination of practical strategies and loving guidance about how to move forward. Thank you Megan for giving me the inspiration and gentle nudge that I needed to begin this new journey and reclaim my sparkle!”
Dr. Nicole Carvill, Psychologist
“Getting Real About Having It All’ is by far the most practical and holistic work life book I’ve read, grounded firmly in the realities of juggling career ambitions with health, family and the rest. So much more than a career resource or lifestyle guide, this beauty is every modern working woman’s permission slip to creating a life that’s fully and unapologetically aligned with the vision she has for herself – delivered lovingly from someone who is doing the very same. Megan’s style is warm and witty, and her advice comes from a place that’s equal parts head and heart. You can’t help but feel she is right there beside you, cheering you on, looking out for you and urging you to put yourself first.”
Kacey Crawford, Career and business coach
Kate Christie
“I absolutely consumed your book Getting Real About Having It All. I simply swallowed it whole. Needless to say I very much loved it, and must now take the time to go back and re-read the many pages I dog-eared for later reflection. I have never been one to get in to so called ‘Self Help’ books, but I have simply been inspired by you. Thank you.”
Kate Christie, Director, Babysitters and More Pty Ltd
katrina boyle photo
“I engaged Megan for Business Coaching when I started my own coaching and change consulting business. Through Megan’s ability to ask great questions, challenge me in a constructive way and leverage her knowledge, I was able to get real clarity on my service offerings, pricing and more holistically my start up business plan. Megan’s sessions not only helped me to grow as a business owner but they provided positive pressure for me to make things happen.”
Katrina Boyle, Coach and consultant
“I couldn’t put your book Getting Real About Having It All down on the plane, and have since recommended it to girlfriends. It’s so comprehensive. It pretty much covers everything you need to know. The kind of book I want to give to my daughter in 10 years time.”
Susan Pearse, Business woman and author
“Megan is a superstar, a woman who does what she says she is going to do and more…given what she says she is going to do alone makes her a rare individual, the extra makes her extraordinary. She is always mentoring, guiding and championing others too. Professionally she is a gun and personally I’ve experienced her to have a huge heart and passion for all she does as a friend, mother and wellness warrior.”
Sherry Strong, Nutritionist and Food Philosopher
“Professional, charismatic, on point and delightfully funny is the best way to describe Megan’s presentation – it was fantastic! She is an absolute pleasure to work with and more importantly our clients loved her style and the presentation, needless to say there was a queue waiting to purchase her book at the end!”
Amanda Williams, Integria Healthcare
“Megan has been a fantastic coach and the growth I have seen in myself is not only recognisable with my team but also my friends and family. I find her authenticity and genuineness to be key strengths and something that I was immediately drawn to. Her ability to draw from the depth and breadth of her own professional and personal experiences allows the coaching to be real and not some text book theory. Her coaching techniques are refreshing and I find that Megan helps me to reflect and then most importantly make the desired behaviour change.”
Manuela Schmid, PricewaterhouseCoopers
“Getting Real About Having It All is a holistic book that is uplifting and loaded with easy to follow information on how to bring out your personal best, shape your life into the one you want and build a career that is perfect for you so you never have to feel like you’re working another day in your life! A thoroughly enjoyable read – I looked forward to picking it up every day. Megan has a fantastic writing style!”
Rachael Bermingham, Author, Speaker and Publisher at Bermingham Books
American express
“Megan was dynamic and inspiring and I’m thrilled that the feedback from the event has been overwhelming positive. People loved the fact that Megan was so successful yet could connect with every person in the room. She was genuine, shared valuable lessons and encouraged us all to assess our own situations and make positive changes to find the balance and success we are all seeking. I found Megan to be very engaging I was able to take so much away from this. Awesome.”
Sacha Gibson, Executive at American Express
veronica strachan
“Megan has been patient, persistent, bold, brilliant and bossy (all the things I needed in a coach). Her coaching has helped me bring my dream of being a writer into the here and now. She’ s shown me how to put the soul back into my words and how to get those words on the page again and again.”
Veronica Strachan, Writer
“I met Megan at a Monash University Tipping Point event where she shared her career highlights and that point where she had to re-evaluate her priorities. I was so inspired by her story that I went away and re-considered my own work-life balance. After reading her book, “Getting real about having it all”, I asked Megan to speak to women and men at work about the importance of a life vision and pursuing your passions. She inspired over 70 of our team and is in demand to share her stories more widely in our business.”
Grant Cairns, Executive, CBA
“Simply being brilliant at your job is no longer enough. If you want to reach for the stars, you need to get real about being a working woman. This is the handbook that will change everything – Megan has nailed it.”
Rebel Talbert, Assistant Commissioner NSW Rural Fire Service
“We were delighted to engage Megan to deliver a talk to 250 young women in business. Megan delivered a truly humorous, raw and inspiration charged talk, leaving all of us feeling that attaining balance was realistically achievable, if we are willing to put our physical, mental and emotional health as the first priority.”
Angela Hywood, Integria Healthcare
“I heard rave reviews about Megan’s coaching and new book Getting Real About Having It All from a colleague and decided to find out what all the fuss was about! I’m so glad I did. Not only is the book a practical and holistic “how to guide” for modern women, it is an insight into the brilliance of the woman herself! Hilarious, self-deprecating but ultimately very wise. It was this that lead me to sign up to her ‘power shot’ coaching series. I found Megan to be so disarming, open and compassionate, that I immediately felt I could be myself and tackle some big personal and professional issues. Ultimately, it was quite a profound experience which opened up my mind and heart.”
Claire Poignand, Events and Marketing Coordinator
“Once again please accept our very sincere thanks and appreciation for your excellent presentation at our conference last week. Throughout the remaining time delegates made constant reference to your message – there is no doubt your presentation had a profound impact on those who were there….not the least of which is me!”
Marilyn Rickard, Conference Chair, ADAPE International Conference
“Having had Megan as my coach during the first year of my career as an IBM graduate, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Megan taught me a range of professional and personal skills that I will continue to benefit from. Megan is a balanced, ambitious, confident, approachable and successful individual – the epitome of a role model for young women, and men, in the industry.”
Lauren Gilbert, IBM
“Megan Dalla-Camina’s book “Getting real about having it all” is packed with powerful thoughts, ideas and tasks that, if followed with enthusiasm, will truly set you up to ‘bring back your sparkle’ as the sub-title of the book suggests. I like the way Dalla-Camina blends her quirky personality with a no-nonsense approach to tapping your potential – she’s not some lofty guru sprouting an unrealistic approach to the reader. This book is not about throwing wishes out to the wind and hoping they will stick somewhere and pay off a little later in your life. It’s a well thought out guidance manual that can help you to create the abundance, love, career and energy that Dalla-Camina clearly has in her own life.”
Shanna, Angus & Robertson
“Megan is my ideal mentor. Not only does she portray a genuine caring for her clients, her wide knowledge base from both business and wellness paths, arm her with an abundance of intelligent strategies and places her in the perfect position to advise and guide.”
Liz Davidson, Zenergy Training for Life