Soul Food Friday: Stop Rushing Soul Food Friday: Stop Rushing Soul Food Friday: Stop Rushing

Soul Food Friday: Stop Rushing


There’s an epidemic amongst modern women. I’ve felt it, lived it, endured it, and I am sure you have too. It’s what my friend Dr Libby Weaver calls ‘rushing women’s syndrome’ and if you tune in, you might discover that you have fallen prey to it as well.

I didn’t actually realise until recently how fast I was going, how much I was rushing, or how out of breath I had become. It had become my new normal. After all, I had spent a good 15 years of my working life being a workaholic, on the brink of constant burn out, so this wasn’t new territory for me.

When I left corporate, I figured that I was in a calm space, driving my own agenda, and going at my own pace. And I was for a while: things were pretty chilled and I no longer had that manic quality that had ruled my life for so long.

But rushing sneaks up on you, and hard wired patterns, in our brains and behaviours, are hard to break (ok let’s be real, they’re pretty freakin’ excruciating to change).

This past 6 months (oh alright, the past two years)  things had increasingly sped up. New business, full client list, speaking gigs, travel, writing, research, parenting, exercise, program building, start up ventures, filming, coaching, strategising and just constantly ‘becoming’ had all left me constantly rushing.

The thing with rushing is you often don’t realise that it’s not normal until you stop.

So I invite you to STOP.

Right now.

Stop for just a few minutes.

Take some long deep slow belly breaths (it might take you a few minutes just to be able to do that, and that’s ok, I’ll wait).

As you sit with yourself, as you get real with yourself, as you slow yourself down for a few moments, I want you to check in.

How are you feeling?

What is the pace you have been moving at?

Do you find yourself constantly rushing from one thing to the next?

Do you find yourself moving fast throughout your day, even when you don’t need to be going fast?

Has running become your natural state of movement?

Do you even breath at all during your day other than those little sips of air that do nothing to fuel your energy or restore your spirit?

Where are you at?

When you bring your awareness to your current state, it can be surprising and humbling to realise that you are not showing up in a way that is healthy and energising. Constantly rushing puts us into a fight, flight or flee state, sending our nervous system into overdrive, driving our hormones crazy, shortening our breath, pumping our adrenalin, and leaving us exhausted.

You can create more moments of grace and ease in your day by making a conscious choice to slow down.

Slow down.

It’s not always easy. I have to be consistent with checking in with myself, tuning in, keeping myself regulated, making sure I am breathing deeply, sitting down to meditate in the morning so I can ground myself, using my aromatherapy oils to calm me, pausing to make herbal tea and just breath while the kettle is boiling – and also looking at what speeds me up, like not obsessively checking my emails, managing my to-do list, being mindful of social media…… and many other practices.

But the most important thing you can do right now is just to ask yourself, ‘how much am I rushing now?’ and ‘do I need to be going so fast?’.

Often there is no fire other than the mental loop of fire in our minds telling us to go faster. But you can choose a different story. You can choose space. Deep breaths. Conscious living. Intentional being. And showing up in a way that serves you.

Anytime you feel yourself getting into this rushing state, or if you notice you are already there and want to come out of it, take three long slow deep belly breaths, and then make a different choice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this newish series of Soul Food Friday. And I hope it’s served you.

Until next time,

You’ve got this.

Thanks for being here.

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