Staying calm when things are crazy Staying calm when things are crazy Staying calm when things are crazy

Staying calm when things are crazy

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I always remind my clients who complain about being busy that ‘you’re busy with what you said yes to’, which can sometimes be met with a defensive response. I get it. Because I had to say it to myself over the past few weeks (and I didn’t like it much either). Between running a business which includes a thriving coaching practice, speaking engagements, amazing corporate clients, running leadership development programs, writing not one but two books concurrently, building a special series of online toolkits, forming a new company with my business partner, and getting ready to pick up my PhD again (all while raising my incredible kid), things have been a little hectic. Ok, they’ve been freakin’ crazy, what else can I say? I love it all so much, that the driver in me can be hard to negotiate with at times.

It’s especially important in times when things get busier than usual, that we have non-negotiable practices in place to keep us sane and well, rather than let them be the first things to go. They may not be perfect or fully blown, but it doesn’t matter. It just matters that we keep up our self care momentum.

So how am I keeping myself in check? I think it’s the little things that matter most and make the biggest difference when done consistently. So there are simple things I am focussing on right now, some daily, some weekly, that are working to keep me sane, grounded, well and calm.

I hope these might be helpful for you. Use one, try them all, but whatever you do, please check in and see what you need right now to keep you healthy, happy and thriving.

1. Meditation. But not always in the way you think. Some days sitting down on my cushion to quieten my raging monkey mind is just a step too far. So on those days, I use mantra music. Even if all I do is put the music on when I am having my tea, it is enough to get me focussed and renew my sense of ease. My favourites at the moment are Deva Premal’s Mantras for Precarious Times (especially Ganesha mantra) and Jai-Jagdeesh’s Meditations for Transformation: The Expansive Spirit which I first learned about from Gabby Bernstein (Ek Ong Kar is incredible). Love these albums so much.

2. Yoga. I am a yogini, trained as a teacher and all, but I can’t even remember the last time I went to a studio yoga class. Actually I can, it was about 3 months ago. But I still practice. Some days that could mean I put my legs up the wall on my bed while I’m reading before sleep. It might mean I am on my mat after my morning walk doing fifteen minutes of down dogs and cat and cow pose. Or it might be a yoga video to give me a longer practice. It doesn’t actually matter what it is, it just matters that it’s something. I do want to build a regular studio yoga class back in to my weekly routine, but for now, with so much travel and commitments, anytime on my mat is good time well spent.

3. Oils. Many of you know I am a huge advocate of aromatherapy oils, and whilst I have used lots of different ones, I like Doterra oils for their therapeutic grade quality and purity.  I use my oils in various ways. Lately as it’s winter in Australia I love diffusing Eucalyptus in the shower – nothing too technical I just sprinkle a few drops on the shower floor. The steam clears the energy as well as the sinus and makes me feel amazing. I use Balance oil every morning and Serenity every night for peaceful sleep. And Sandalwood, Frankincense and Vetiver just about whenever possible to ground and connect me. Try them, they are incredible and the health benefits are literally amazing (hit Join & Save and get oils at wholesale). Oh and I also like the Chakra oils from Perfect Potion!

4. Creativity. I am a creative being (so are you). I know that when I get really busy in my business, my time for creativity can get squeezed. It’s usually one of the first signs of my balance being out of whack – I get grumpy, feel less grounded and just all around not my best self. I am at my best when I am writing every day. I love to paint, especially mandalas. I love to wander around aimlessly with my camera and take random artistic photos. And I need to make time for it all. So on Sunday, I spent the day writing, playing, painting and spending the Winter Solstice just being in this creative essence. When was the last time you allowed yourself the gift of creativity?

5. Nourishment. I’m pretty much an organic being most of the time. I eat well, drink my green smoothies and juices every day, try to keep out the processed food and the white stuff etc. But I am not as pure as I would like, and I know that when I am tired, traveling or run down, I reach for the bad stuff – namely unhealthy carbs and sugar. This week I went to see my amazing integrative Doctor Marilyn Golden for a check in. I know when I go to see her she is going to tell me that I need to clean out my system and eat a mainly vegan diet for a while. So this is where I am at. Mostly vegan, at least for the next month or so, with limited animal protein and grains, no alcohol, and of course no gluten or sugar as they don’t agree with me at all. It’s really about listening to my body and nourishing it with lots of whole foods, loads of greens and all around clean nutrition. Here’s to consistency and radiant health. Wish me luck.

6. Space. I’ve been feeling pretty jam packed lately. Again, it’s all on me as I have full control over my business and schedule. But as I looked recently through my calendar to the end of the year, there was not a lot of space in there, and I also realised that I had no break planned. So the first thing I did was clear a week in my diary to head to Byron. In a few weeks time I will be chilling in one of my favourite places, with no schedule and no agenda. I am so looking forward to it. Just space to be. I have also gone through and blocked chunks of time for writing, and Friday’s are pretty much off limits (unless I have an important client engagement that has a set date, which is quite rare). Space doesn’t have to be a holiday, it just means freedom from the normal and room to breathe. Where is your space? Do you need to create some?

So this is where I’m at. I am doing a lot of work – speaking and writing – around feminine power, creativity and leadership at the moment. It’s my work in the world. One thing I know is that for feminine power to blossom we need to tend to it, nurture it and make it matter. We can’t do this while we are racing around at a million miles an hour. We have to slow down, check in, and focus on what really matters. I hope you can make some space to bring in what matters most for you this week.

Much love.

P.S If you haven’t got your free copy of the 12 Rules for Balanced Women Bundle yet, head over to my resources page – it will help you reflect on what you might need to thrive.

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