New Year Love Note #3: Commitment New Year Love Note #3: Commitment New Year Love Note #3: Commitment

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New Year Love Note #3: Commitment

Welcome to New Year Love Note #3. Hopefully you have checked out #1 on Surrender and #2 on Declare. This week I want to share some thoughts on Commitment. But not commitment to anyone else. Only to yourself. We can surrender and declare all we want, but if we don’t look after ourselves, and I mean really look after ourselves (not just pretend to), then it’s all for nothing. And as someone who has experienced the worst kind of burn out, you can trust me when I say that it’s a ...

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Don’t hedge your bets

We get told this all the time: Hedge your bets. It goes right along with cover your bases, have a back up plan, and yes the good old one, cover your arse. By all means I agree you should have a Plan B. For sure. I have been known for having plans all the way to F as I am nothing if not pragmatic and a realist. You should design that Plan B, make sure it’s robust, and that those bases are indeed covered. And then you should pop it in your bottom drawer for the rainy day that will hopefully ...

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