Need to reignite your career? The ten steps that matter. Need to reignite your career? The ten steps that matter. Need to reignite your career? The ten steps that matter.

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Need to reignite your career? The ten steps that matter.

On any given day in your work life, there is a lot to focus on. Clients, meetings, deadlines, office politics, stress and anxiety, not to mention your boss, your team and just when do you get that coffee break?! It can be pretty overwhelming. So it’s not surprising that my research shows that 70% of women don’t have a career plan, and more than 48% of women are just completely winging it when it comes to what’s next for them work wise. Not only that, more than 70% of women are really ...

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The truth about becoming more confident

I was recording a bonus interview for the upcoming launch of The Career Toolkit program with a dear client yesterday. The topic was confidence. We were talking about her 26 year career journey and how confidence has impacted her throughout – both negatively and positively. It was a juicy and super helpful conversation that I know members will gain such great insight from. And right toward the end, she said the truth that all women need to hear, something that we had been working on and ...

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Interview: Speaking out with Tara Moss

Learning to use our voice and having the courage to speak out is something that many women struggle with. From the confidence-zapping stories we tell ourselves, to the fear of being criticised by others for saying what we really think, it can often feel safer to stay silent over speaking our truth. But to both honour ourselves and create change, we need to step into our power and use our voice.  So today I want to share with you some powerful words from a woman who is no stranger to speaking ...

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Is your voice being heard?

I’ve been thinking a lot about speaking up recently. I’ve finished co-writing my new book (July release), which is a new conversation on women, leadership and work. It’s been a process, developing new frameworks, debating paradigm shifts with my very clever business partner and best friend Michelle McQuaid, pouring through hundreds of pieces of research, and of course, hours and hours of the beloved writing. It’s an interesting process to find your voice on the page. How ...

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New podcast: Are you ready to play bigger?

If you’ve ever been guilty of letting criticism get the better of you, hiding your greatness and just plain old procrastinating (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), then my hot new interview with women’s leadership expert Tara Sophia Mohr is for you (yep, it’s a podcast, the first in my new series Getting Real with Megan – exciting!). Tara is the founder of the acclaimed Playing Big leadership program for women. She is an expert on women’s leadership and wellbeing and is ...

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Need a real confidence boost? Read this.

Confidence is one of those things that can either propel you forward to achieve your dreams, or hold you back for fear of failure. Everyone faces this issue to some extent, at some point in their lives. The questions become, how confident are you, when do you feel the most confident, and how can you build that confidence in times when you need it? Confidence is really important for most people in most situations. If you’re lacking confidence, it can be difficult to get up the courage to go ...

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