Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today) Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today) Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today)

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Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today)

Last week we started a conversation about energy. In a recent survey I did out to my community, hundreds of women told me that one of the main issues in their life is lack of energy. And let’s face, many women are just flat out exhausted. Yet we often don’t talk about it. We think we need to be all glossy and looking like we have all of our stuff together, and that doesn’t include talking about just how tired we really are. But the reality is that if you stop to have a real ...

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Five real reasons why you lack energy (and what to do about it)

Most of us want more energy. We want to feel more engaged, inspired and alive. Mostly, we just want to have the energy to get through everything on our plate, with some left over for the joyful things we want to do, not just to get through our long list of have to’s. But the reality is, that if you are like many women, energy is one of the things you are desperately in need of. You can feel tired even before you get out of bed in the morning. Even when you have had a decent sleep. And there ...

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Choosing your energy amongst the crazy

Everyone I speak with, and probably everyone you speak with, is B U S Y. We all know it. We all feel it. We’re rushing around like crazy, and just trying to do our very best to stay sane. And even those schedules that are meticulously planned to include downtime and space, can still have those periods of madness that can send us, well, mad! Case in point. October for me is one of those months. Last October, I committed to speaking for a valued client at their major annual event. 8 events, ...

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The question that will set you up for failure….every time

Last week I wrote about the truth of becoming more confident. And the reality is that it’s the small things you do every day, the baby steps, that get you there, not the giant leaps that we have in our minds. Today I want to clear up another myth for you, by debunking a question I hear all of the time. It’s a question that sets you up for failure, and can only lead to you feeling badly about yourself. The question is this: How can I be my best possible self in every moment? You see ...

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Feeling a little frazzled? This may help.

There’s been some pretty crazy energy floating around in recent weeks. Of course, there was the US election which sent many of us into emotional meltdown. It’s still a sensitive topic and will be for a long time to come. I tried to make sense of it in this piece on Women’s Agenda, which might help if you are still reeling. Then there was the full moon last week, with the moon being closest to earth since about 1948. As the ocean can shift our energy as easily as it shifts the ...

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