How do you feel before you start? How do you feel before you start? How do you feel before you start?

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How do you feel before you start?

You know those moments when you are thinking about starting something….. A new project at work Or a writing project Giving a speech or presentation Or sending that really important email… How do you feel before you start?  When I sit down to write, I feel many things, but most of those feelings are hovering around similar ground…. Anxiety Fear A slight sense of panic even…. That there will be nothing to say – nothing new, nothing of interest, or that the words ...

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Why the Eff didn’t they call me?

So two weeks ago I put my first book out into the world. It is an exciting and interesting time. Exciting for obvious reasons; seeing your name in print, finally being a published author, the first time seeing the book in the book store (front cover out – a big deal!). All very exciting. And it has been interesting in many ways too.   The most interesting thing I have witnessed over the past few weeks has been my almost daily (if not hourly) journey between ego, fear and spirit. Let me ...

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