Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day

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Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day

I’ve long been fascinated with power. Who has it, why they want it, what they do with it. I even started a PhD on the topic. What I really wanted to investigate was women and power. How was the power that women hold when they are most aligned different from that of men in the same domains. I had seen nearly every woman I came into contact with in my corporate career deeply entrenched in the dominant power structures and behaviours yielded by the successful male leaders in the workplace: ...

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Friday Soul Food: Rise

I’ve been meditating on the song Read All About It recently by Emile Sande. We live in a world where women’s voices are rising, but in no way are they rising fast enough, loudly enough or in large enough numbers. We still silence ourselves, and we still silence each other, in a million ways both conscious and unconscious. And it hurts us in ways large and small, like a million tiny paper cuts to our soul that we may not be able to easily articulate but that pain us to our core. ...

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Staying calm when things are crazy

I always remind my clients who complain about being busy that ‘you’re busy with what you said yes to’, which can sometimes be met with a defensive response. I get it. Because I had to say it to myself over the past few weeks (and I didn’t like it much either). Between running a business which includes a thriving coaching practice, speaking engagements, amazing corporate clients, running leadership development programs, writing not one but two books concurrently, ...

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Are you rejecting your feminine traits?

There is a rising in the world at present, the rising of feminine energy. For so long we have been bathed only in the masculine. It’s what our organizations, our power structures, our success models, and even many (ok, most) of our societal structures are based on, at least in the west. You may recognize the masculine around you and indeed in you. Qualities like drive, independence, aggression, arrogance, competitiveness and confidence are all traits that are associated with the ...

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