5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year 5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year 5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year

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5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year

We all know how it goes. We start the year in a sea of anticipation, ever hopeful that this year will be the year. You know, the year that we finally do all the things we truly want to do, and none of the stuff we don’t. We will hit the big career goals, make our business a success, lose the weight, find the guy/gal, get organised. Remove the stuff that doesn’t serve us. It all feels very idealistic and yet completely doable. But then a heartbeat later, when the enthusiasm burns off ...

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6 questions you must ask yourself

Startling fact: More than 70% of women I researched in America last year didn’t have a career plan that was working for them. And more than 48% of women were just winging it. Pretty scary isn’t it? What have you done lately to move your career forward? I mean, to intentionally move it forward in the direction you want to head? Do you even know where that is? This week, I’d like you to think about the reality of your career. You could be working your way up the ladder in a big ...

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How to beat the back to work blues

Cruising around social media this week it didn’t take long to get the posts of people feeling the blues being back at work. Pretty normal, and as I sit here on the last days of my holiday, I am already thinking forward to next week and what I will be doing to keep hold of the peace, calm and relaxation that I have had whilst being on break. If you are feeling the blues, or already feeling a bit too stressed out as the real world realities take their grip on you, join me in using these ...

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Be strategic and still get your daily work done

Last week in my Women’s Agenda career column, I got asked this question below. I wanted to share it here, as it may be something you are also struggling with. Question: I struggle to balance the operational aspects of my job with the strategic. Despite my best intentions the day-to-day requirements of my job often distract me from the bigger picture tasks I also need to focus on. Do you have any tips for effectively juggling both? Manager, Finance My Response: This is such a common ...

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Six tips to increase your productivity

Ah productivity at work, that old chestnut! I find that for most upwardly mobile professionals, a lot of our productivity issues come down to one thing – the inability to focus our attention for any length of time on one thing, and doing that one thing until it is completed. Imagine how effective you would be if you could actually focus on the thing you were doing, and only on that. It may be hard to even imagine that right now, as the majority of us struggle with this. We live in a world ...

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