Looking for a good book? What I read and loved in 2015 Looking for a good book? What I read and loved in 2015 Looking for a good book? What I read and loved in 2015

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Looking for a good book? What I read and loved in 2015

If you have read my articles for a while, you will know I love a good book. Ok, let’s get real – I am completely obsessed with books. I have thousands of them in my house, piled up on every available surface. I buy them even when I know I won’t get to read them for months. I even have more than a few that have been on my shelf for a year or longer, unread (but waiting for me patiently, as books do). It’s a love affair really. Being a strategist, writer, and a PhD ...

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Staying calm when things are crazy

I always remind my clients who complain about being busy that ‘you’re busy with what you said yes to’, which can sometimes be met with a defensive response. I get it. Because I had to say it to myself over the past few weeks (and I didn’t like it much either). Between running a business which includes a thriving coaching practice, speaking engagements, amazing corporate clients, running leadership development programs, writing not one but two books concurrently, ...

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Know who you are

So I have spent another afternoon walking the streets of New York. Through Central Park, which is looking pretty bleak today being just zero degrees; to the Apple store to check out some headphones for Luca and a new Mac Book cover for me; and on it goes until of course I end up back at Barnes and Noble, this time in the business and entreprenuer section with about six books that keep me occupied for over an hour. And now I am back at my hotel, sitting at my desk with the (tiny) view of the ...

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Why the Eff didn’t they call me?

So two weeks ago I put my first book out into the world. It is an exciting and interesting time. Exciting for obvious reasons; seeing your name in print, finally being a published author, the first time seeing the book in the book store (front cover out – a big deal!). All very exciting. And it has been interesting in many ways too.   The most interesting thing I have witnessed over the past few weeks has been my almost daily (if not hourly) journey between ego, fear and spirit. Let me ...

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