Is your voice being heard? Is your voice being heard? Is your voice being heard?

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Is your voice being heard?

I’ve been thinking a lot about speaking up recently. I’ve finished co-writing my new book (July release), which is a new conversation on women, leadership and work. It’s been a process, developing new frameworks, debating paradigm shifts with my very clever business partner and best friend Michelle McQuaid, pouring through hundreds of pieces of research, and of course, hours and hours of the beloved writing. It’s an interesting process to find your voice on the page. How ...

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What’s next on my reading list (hint: a lot)

Hello hello. I’ve come out of my writing cave for a nano second to share some reading inspo with you (and to give myself a mini brain break), as I had thousands of you who loved my post on my fav books of 2015. So here is some more goodness. I have 25 books on my desk right now. A pile of them are for research, and the other pile are the ones in the photo, that are either currently being read, or next on my list. Not much gives me greater joy than the anticipation of a really good book ...

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