The four lists you need to make now The four lists you need to make now The four lists you need to make now

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The four lists you need to make now

It’s six weeks until the end of the year. For many people, it’s four weeks until the end of the work year. Don’t anybody panic! There is still time to ensure that you end the year feeling like you got things done, checked things off your list and closed some things out. As promised in my Friday Five last week (hop on my email list if you didn’t get it), I wanted to share some quick and simple ways to maximise the run to year end. Short and sweet, because I know ...

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Are you pushing too hard? (the inside story…)

Here we are in a new week. Fresh mornings, new to-do lists, and potentially mixed emotions with what you have ahead. I feel you. I am arguably busier than I have ever been, all with things I am excited about, but lots of it nonetheless. I feel like I usually have a good balance between my work which I am exceptionally passionate about, and my life which I love. I spend good quality time with my family and friends, prioritise my kid over absolutely everything else, and make plenty of time for ...

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What will you declare?

If you were going to declare one thing that you absolutely must get done before the end of the year what would it be? Think about it. It might be something that was a big goal for the year. Or it could have come up later, but you know it’s the game changer. The one thing that, if you complete it or achieve it, you will feel content, accomplished and that your year has been a success. If you had to name it, what would it be? Is there just one thing, or are there a number that you are ...

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6 questions you must ask yourself

Startling fact: More than 70% of women I researched in America last year didn’t have a career plan that was working for them. And more than 48% of women were just winging it. Pretty scary isn’t it? What have you done lately to move your career forward? I mean, to intentionally move it forward in the direction you want to head? Do you even know where that is? This week, I’d like you to think about the reality of your career. You could be working your way up the ladder in a big ...

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Are your rocks in order?

I am in Byron Bay at the moment. It’s one of my happy places and it’s been made all the better by having one of my best friends Michelle McQuaid up here with me for a few days. We are busy planning some amazing new things that I cannot wait to share with you (hint: they are going to totally rock). While we are here chilling, dreaming and scheming, we have come up with some pretty huge ideas – things that can really be life changing and world changing. Plans that will fulfill ...

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5 simple ways to check in with yourself

It’s March already. Can you believe it? The years seem to be going by even faster these days, as someone commented to me the other day. It’s as true now as when Ferris Bueller said it when I was 16 – Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.  So how are you tracking? We are long past those New Year’s resolutions that seem to last about a heartbeat. But when you look at what you really set out to get done this ...

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