30 lessons I (finally) learnt in 2014 30 lessons I (finally) learnt in 2014 30 lessons I (finally) learnt in 2014

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30 lessons I (finally) learnt in 2014

1. I am creative. To my core. And so are you.  2. All in good time really means all in good time.   3. You can fearlessly be yourself. Those who love you will love you. Ignore the rest.   4. The world needs us to live what we love. Be the light. And shine it.   5. If you think you can do it, you can do it. Back yourself.   6. You can live on your own terms without compromising anyone else’s.   7. When you truly learn how to say no, the right things become a yes.   8. The small things ...

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What moves you?

I am sitting here in my hotel room in New York. It is mid March, and lo and behold it is snowing. Yes, full on snowing. My local friends are totally over it, but I just love it. Coming from Sydney where you never see snow, the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off for me. Although I must admit, the zero to minus two temperatures are pretty bloody cold. Ok, I admit it, it’s freezing! So I have had a day or so to acclimatise before my big conference starts tomorrow (watch out for my next ...

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