New Year Love Note #2: Declare New Year Love Note #2: Declare New Year Love Note #2: Declare

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New Year Love Note #2: Declare

Welcome to the second week of January. Yes it’s about that time. Time to get real, in a not too scary way, about what you truly want to focus on this year. If you saw my New Year Love Note #1, you will have read all about surrendering into the flow of life, and giving up the driving and striving that can send you just a little bit mad (not to mention stressed, anxious and over it). I had lots of emails and comments on social media¬†reporting how much that article resonated, and I’m ...

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Reflect on the past, intend for the new

As I sit here on the morning of New Years Eve, I am sending out many wishes to you for a peaceful, happy, safe and healthy 2013. What a year 2012 has been. Wrote and published my first book, did great things at work that are making a difference, saw my son finish primary school healthy and happy, and even bought a cool new car (it took me ten years, I savour the drive everyday!). So much has happened. A lot of work, some major milestones, and a great feeling of accomplishment. And there is also ...

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