Can you be vulnerable at work? Can you be vulnerable at work? Can you be vulnerable at work?

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Can you be vulnerable at work?

Seth Godin legendary business thought leader and major ruckus creator said this: “Everyone you interact with is changed forever. The only questions are, how will they be different, and how different will they be.” Think about how profound that statement is. The way you choose to show up each and every day, regardless of the position you hold, impacts not only your life but also the lives of everyone you come into contact with. This doesn’t mean that in order to be a good leader you have ...

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September Roundup

Whilst in North America, it has just hit my favourite season, Fall, we’ve had our first month of Spring down here in Oz. Freesias in the air, ocean getting warmer, sun shining. And a whole lotta action going on over here at MDC Inc. When I started writing these monthly roundup’s a few months back I wasn’t sure how useful they would be…..but they are some of my most popular posts of the month, and one of my favourites to write. I hope you find something in here that ...

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Why the world needs new leaders

There is a mountain of research revealing unequivocally that what people want from their leaders today is changing, and changing dramatically. And the good news is, women have never been better placed to lead, as we transition from an old style of leadership based on command and control, short term thinking and aggression, to one that is more in tune with feminine sensibilities of relating and empowering, sustainable thinking, and collaboration. In fact, we are wonderfully wired to do so. But ...

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June round up

I often get asked what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, the research I’m looking at, where I’m speaking, what I’m working on, etc etc. And I have been asked a lot recently to share more with you about what I’m up to and behind the scenes looks into my work and life (be careful what you ask for!). So welcome to a brand new type of post that I will do once a month called the monthly round up. I had fun writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it and find it ...

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Vision, planning & gut instinct? Gold.

Last July I was in Byron Bay doing some writing and then having a business planning retreat with my best friend and business partner Michelle McQuaid. We were dreaming up a new amazing lifestyle program to help women live with more fulfilment and wellbeing. We planned out the program over brunches and dinners and came home filled with excitement and energy about the next few months. But about a month in, something just didn’t feel right. I was excited about the program. I knew that the ...

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