The question that will set you up for failure….every time The question that will set you up for failure….every time The question that will set you up for failure….every time

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The question that will set you up for failure….every time

Last week I wrote about the truth of becoming more confident. And the reality is that it’s the small things you do every day, the baby steps, that get you there, not the giant leaps that we have in our minds. Today I want to clear up another myth for you, by debunking a question I hear all of the time. It’s a question that sets you up for failure, and can only lead to you feeling badly about yourself. The question is this: How can I be my best possible self in every moment? You see ...

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What triggers your envy?

Envy can be seen as a really negative state, one where you can feel inadequate or less than others. Actually it gets a pretty bad wrap. But it can also be an indication of what you really want. If you see something in another person or in a piece of work, it can open you up to a need or want that you may not be in touch with. There are simple examples. You might look a picture of a beautiful women in a magazine and think “I really wish I had skin like that”. Or you could look at the pool in ...

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Feeling maxed out? 9 ways to get from Superwoman to Wellwoman.

Do you ever groan at the presumed impossibility of building and maintaining a successful career, having a fulfilling personal life, and also having health and happiness? Do you feel like you are on a never-ending treadmill, running for your life and scared to look left or right for fear of falling off? You are not alone. Countless women continue to struggle with the thought of having it all, doing it all, or for many women, just keeping up. In fact, in recent research I conducted in America, ...

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Three ways to start creating balance

I have recently started writing a career advice column for Women’s Agenda, the online destination for professional women. It’s called Ask Megan and each Tuesday I answer a question someone has sent in (please send in questions to [email protected], I would love to answer them for you). It is week 5 and there have been questions on leadership, career management, boundaries and a lot of questions on the age old problem most of us deal with – balance. As I know this is ...

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