Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today) Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today) Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today)

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Five ways to get more energy (that you can start today)

Last week we started a conversation about energy. In a recent survey I did out to my community, hundreds of women told me that one of the main issues in their life is lack of energy. And let’s face, many women are just flat out exhausted. Yet we often don’t talk about it. We think we need to be all glossy and looking like we have all of our stuff together, and that doesn’t include talking about just how tired we really are. But the reality is that if you stop to have a real ...

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The #1 myth that stops you from meditating

You’ve been told to meditate. It will be good for you, they say. It will help you quieten your monkey mind. It will bring you peace and calm and make you all zen inside. It will help you create more space in your life. You will grow to love it. All of that is true. And then they say this: All of your thoughts will disappear from your mind. Say what? This is when your BS antenna goes up. You tried to meditate once or twice. You sat in an awkward cross legged position on the floor. You set ...

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Staying calm when things are crazy

I always remind my clients who complain about being busy that ‘you’re busy with what you said yes to’, which can sometimes be met with a defensive response. I get it. Because I had to say it to myself over the past few weeks (and I didn’t like it much either). Between running a business which includes a thriving coaching practice, speaking engagements, amazing corporate clients, running leadership development programs, writing not one but two books concurrently, ...

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My new meditation….it’s not what you think.

Do you have trouble meditating? Will you sometimes do anything to stop from having to actually sit down, close your eyes and breathe?  I’m with you. Not all the time, but many days it is the very last thing I feel like doing. But I also know that it’s one of the healthiest, most kind and loving things I can do for myself, especially in crazy busy times (and let’s face it, aren’t they all). There are so many different forms of meditating, not just sitting on your cushion ...

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