5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year 5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year 5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year

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5 steps to achieve your (real) goals this year

We all know how it goes. We start the year in a sea of anticipation, ever hopeful that this year will be the year. You know, the year that we finally do all the things we truly want to do, and none of the stuff we don’t. We will hit the big career goals, make our business a success, lose the weight, find the guy/gal, get organised. Remove the stuff that doesn’t serve us. It all feels very idealistic and yet completely doable. But then a heartbeat later, when the enthusiasm burns off ...

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New Year Love Note #2: Declare

Welcome to the second week of January. Yes it’s about that time. Time to get real, in a not too scary way, about what you truly want to focus on this year. If you saw my New Year Love Note #1, you will have read all about surrendering into the flow of life, and giving up the driving and striving that can send you just a little bit mad (not to mention stressed, anxious and over it). I had lots of emails and comments on social media reporting how much that article resonated, and I’m ...

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New Year Love Note #1: Surrender

Hey loves. Happy New Year. It’s New Years Day as I write this. I have just come home from a few hours at the beach, walking, swimming, releasing, setting intentions. I stayed home last night. Dropped my 16 year old at his friends for a party (a ‘gatho’ in teenage terms) and came home and chilled out. I wanted to be fresh for today, to get up at 7am and go to the beach for quiet time. To start out as I want to go through this year; clear, calm, fluid and intentional. Last ...

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20 questions for clarity and success

Welcome to the New Year. Gee that came fast didn’t it? I hope you have had a wonderful break, some cherished time with family and friends, and some time to rest and restore. You may be still on your break, or getting ready like I am to head off and have some family time. But before I head to Byron, I wanted to pose some questions for you to ponder as you move into 2015, hopefully with a sense of hope, and a feeling of grace and ease that you can carry through the year. Last week I wrote ...

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Reflect on the past, intend for the new

As I sit here on the morning of New Years Eve, I am sending out many wishes to you for a peaceful, happy, safe and healthy 2013. What a year 2012 has been. Wrote and published my first book, did great things at work that are making a difference, saw my son finish primary school healthy and happy, and even bought a cool new car (it took me ten years, I savour the drive everyday!). So much has happened. A lot of work, some major milestones, and a great feeling of accomplishment. And there is also ...

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