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Know who you are

So I have spent another afternoon walking the streets of New York. Through Central Park, which is looking pretty bleak today being just zero degrees; to the Apple store to check out some headphones for Luca and a new Mac Book cover for me; and on it goes until of course I end up back at Barnes and Noble, this time in the business and entreprenuer section with about six books that keep me occupied for over an hour. And now I am back at my hotel, sitting at my desk with the (tiny) view of the ...

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What moves you?

I am sitting here in my hotel room in New York. It is mid March, and lo and behold it is snowing. Yes, full on snowing. My local friends are totally over it, but I just love it. Coming from Sydney where you never see snow, the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off for me. Although I must admit, the zero to minus two temperatures are pretty bloody cold. Ok, I admit it, it’s freezing! So I have had a day or so to acclimatise before my big conference starts tomorrow (watch out for my next ...

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