Are you working with love or loathing? Are you working with love or loathing? Are you working with love or loathing?

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Are you working with love or loathing?

We all have things we do to make a living. Some of us do them with love. Some with pride. And some with joy. But many, sadly, do it with loathing. And they do it just to get by. In my work as a strategist, I spend a lot of time helping people deal with work or workplaces that are soul destroying. Toxic bosses. Overloaded schedules. Chaotic work environments. Manic or apathetic employees.  And sometimes, it’s all barren. Barren of meaning. Barren of pleasure. Barren of just about everything ...

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Do you need a career plan?

This is a really common question, especially amongst mid-level professionals. You have done ok up until now without a plan. Things have been going well and you have been progressing as quickly as you wanted and in the right direction. But the question usually comes up as people start telling you that to get to the next level you need a plan. Let me try and break it down and give you a few perspectives to consider. Some people have a rigorous career plan that is very focused on the exact role ...

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