Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day

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Reflections on Power this International Women’s Day

I’ve long been fascinated with power. Who has it, why they want it, what they do with it. I even started a PhD on the topic. What I really wanted to investigate was women and power. How was the power that women hold when they are most aligned different from that of men in the same domains. I had seen nearly every woman I came into contact with in my corporate career deeply entrenched in the dominant power structures and behaviours yielded by the successful male leaders in the workplace: ...

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What if you were just 10% braver?

I was on the phone with one my long term coaching clients this morning. We were talking about the new role she had just stepped in to in her company – a position she had earned based on years of hard work, proving herself, achieving great results, and she was finally being recognized with this promotion. She was feeling good about it: excited and energized by all of the possibilities. Yet as we were speaking, it was clear she was still questioning herself. Did she really deserve the ...

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Are you showing up with presence?

Many women (and men I might add) are searching for ways to show up with more authenticity and power in their work and lives. In her best-selling book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, Associate Professor Amy Cuddy from Harvard Business School, suggests that the best way for us to step into our authenticity and personal power is through cultivating more moments of what she calls presence. As she articulates: “Presence is the state of being attuned to and able to ...

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Vision, planning & gut instinct? Gold.

Last July I was in Byron Bay doing some writing and then having a business planning retreat with my best friend and business partner Michelle McQuaid. We were dreaming up a new amazing lifestyle program to help women live with more fulfilment and wellbeing. We planned out the program over brunches and dinners and came home filled with excitement and energy about the next few months. But about a month in, something just didn’t feel right. I was excited about the program. I knew that the ...

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