Books! What I read and loved this year (and what’s next on my list) Books! What I read and loved this year (and what’s next on my list) Books! What I read and loved this year (and what’s next on my list)

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Books! What I read and loved this year (and what’s next on my list)

This could well be one of my favourite posts of the year because it’s on one of my all time favourite topics – books. As we round out the working year, I thought I’d share what’s been on my bedside table, in my bag, on my iPad and floating around my mind this year. Hoping you might find something in here that might spark some inspiration or provide some joy over the holiday period (even if you’re still working, and especially if you are one of the many people who ...

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What’s next on my reading list (hint: a lot)

Hello hello. I’ve come out of my writing cave for a nano second to share some reading inspo with you (and to give myself a mini brain break), as I had thousands of you who loved my post on my fav books of 2015. So here is some more goodness. I have 25 books on my desk right now. A pile of them are for research, and the other pile are the ones in the photo, that are either currently being read, or next on my list. Not much gives me greater joy than the anticipation of a really good book ...

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Looking for a good book? What I read and loved in 2015

If you have read my articles for a while, you will know I love a good book. Ok, let’s get real – I am completely obsessed with books. I have thousands of them in my house, piled up on every available surface. I buy them even when I know I won’t get to read them for months. I even have more than a few that have been on my shelf for a year or longer, unread (but waiting for me patiently, as books do). It’s a love affair really. Being a strategist, writer, and a PhD ...

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Four books I’m loving right now

I am constantly being inspired by what I read. To be honest, I’m a little obsessed by books. Any format, most genres, can’t get enough. And I’m asked all the time ‘what are you reading now?’. It’s never a singular answer, as my bedside is never without a pile of at least ten titles, and I have books scattered across every surface in my house. So for your reading pleasure, here are four books I am loving right now. The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly ...

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What moves you?

I am sitting here in my hotel room in New York. It is mid March, and lo and behold it is snowing. Yes, full on snowing. My local friends are totally over it, but I just love it. Coming from Sydney where you never see snow, the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off for me. Although I must admit, the zero to minus two temperatures are pretty bloody cold. Ok, I admit it, it’s freezing! So I have had a day or so to acclimatise before my big conference starts tomorrow (watch out for my next ...

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