Are you pushing too hard? (the inside story…) Are you pushing too hard? (the inside story…) Are you pushing too hard? (the inside story…)

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Are you pushing too hard? (the inside story…)

Here we are in a new week. Fresh mornings, new to-do lists, and potentially mixed emotions with what you have ahead. I feel you. I am arguably busier than I have ever been, all with things I am excited about, but lots of it nonetheless. I feel like I usually have a good balance between my work which I am exceptionally passionate about, and my life which I love. I spend good quality time with my family and friends, prioritise my kid over absolutely everything else, and make plenty of time for ...

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Need some sleep? This could help.

So many of us struggle with the issue of not getting enough sleep and it can be one of the most frustrating problems to experience. I get it. For many years I was an insomniac. Then I spent a decade working 18 hours a day and giving up my sleep as a ticket to greater productivity. Burn out was my prize for that choice. And now, even though I have implemented the strategies I outline below and am a great sleeper, I still have those nights, mostly when I have too much work on, when I either ...

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How to take a holiday

You may think that “How to take a holiday” is a silly title for an article. Surely we all know how to do that, right? In reality, many people find it difficult to take all of their annual leave each year. Worse yet is that even when people manage to take some time off work, many spend most of the time wound up, thinking about work, or feeling guilty for not being in the office. Pretty crazy, right? So with the holiday season looming, here’s how to make sure you get the time ...

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