February roundup – Failure, confidence and living in abundance February roundup – Failure, confidence and living in abundance February roundup – Failure, confidence and living in abundance

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February roundup – Failure, confidence and living in abundance

Well, February went super fast, short month and all. For many of you, I am hearing how quickly the year has sped up, and for some, how overwhelmed you are already feeling with your schedules and to do lists. I feel you. I set my year up in advance way back in October – business planning like the good strategist that I am. After having a luxuriously slow January, Feb hit me with a bang and a boom. Yes I had planned it, but it got so very full so very fast! I’m finding my flow now, ...

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January Roundup: Finding your flow, love notes and more free resources

Well, that was January. I was on holidays for most of it, so no surprises that it went by in a blip. I’m just fully back to my business this week, after a few weeks in Byron with my family doing a whole lot of nothing (that means beach, long walks, naps, reading, family time…oh, and white wine). It was bliss, and yes, it already feels like a lifetime ago. I skipped the December roundup as I figured you were probably to engrossed in end of year/new year to be that interested! So I ...

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October Roundup (+ what happens when you meet your heroine)

So I’m not even going to comment on the fact that it was Halloween yesterday which means it’s November. If I did I would have to say something like “Wtf, where did the last month go?”. But I’m a lady, so I won’t do that….(insert wry smile here). I’ve been all over the place this month, speaking across the country, and I also had a quick trip over to San Francisco for the Emerging Women Live event. I thought this month, as well as sharing the ...

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September Roundup

Whilst in North America, it has just hit my favourite season, Fall, we’ve had our first month of Spring down here in Oz. Freesias in the air, ocean getting warmer, sun shining. And a whole lotta action going on over here at MDC Inc. When I started writing these monthly roundup’s a few months back I wasn’t sure how useful they would be…..but they are some of my most popular posts of the month, and one of my favourites to write. I hope you find something in here that ...

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